Love Unspoken
"You've forgotten how to be a woman! "

Zach Reedman's bitter accusation had been the death knell of his marriage to Julie. And even after three long years Julie still winced when she remembered his parting words

She'd been a budding journalist, he her publisher when they met. A love too strong and passionate to resist had led them quickly to the altar, but even after her vows Julie's career had come before her husband.

Older and wiser, she met Zach again, And as the wounds time had never fully healed were reopened, so once more was her heart....

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Book TitleLove Unspoken
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Love Unspoken Reviews

  • Charlie
    May 4, 2017


    No no no no no! Spineless TSTL h and a complete and utter horror of a H he's not even a forced seduction kind of guy he's a give her a beating and rape her toad. He also has other women whose they are separated cos who wants to stay married to a prize like that? Yet despite other delud...

  • Tatiana Stefan
    May 17, 2016

    Tatiana Stefan

    2007 review: So-so. Ok, I actually bought this book based on the review above.. I guess I should only buy a book if it has several positive reviews and not just one!SPOILERSThe story was alright but somehow it just doesn't seem believable that the heroine (I think!) remained celibate f...

  • Kalyee
    Dec 29, 2014


    I'd say this was more a 2.5 half stars.. But I bumped it up instead of down just because I thought the plot was unusual.H/h are in the newspaper business, secretly married but have been separated for a number of years. The book begins when the h is rescued from a hostage situation and ...

  • KatieV
    Nov 12, 2013


    2.5 stars, really. It definitely had some WTF moments and was a constant drama-fest. The h was a reporter who was determined to never be taken over by a man. She had an unhappy childhood where her mother desperately loved her father and he didn't return the feeling. She also feels that...

  • Jenny
    Jul 12, 2013


    Eww heroine is a cheater and so is the hero! Disgusting! Also heroine is calling her unborn child a bastard and a bitch. What did I just read???!!!! ...

  • shewhorefusestonameherself
    Apr 10, 2013


    Terrible.Abusive dangerous husband. ...

  • CBDS
    Jul 3, 2012


    One of Harlequin's very common themes surrounding marriage, misunderstandings and miscarriage. I loved the fact that the woman was independent and a career woman in this story rather than a doormat. I loved the chemistry within the two characters and I loved the hero even though he had...

  • Janice
    Jun 25, 2012


    It was just ok. ...

  • Cem73
    Apr 15, 2012


    Titre vf : Passion à la une ...

  • sbf20112011
    Feb 18, 2012


    Eh, I didn't love this one. It started off well, but for whatever reason I just wasn't invested in the characters. There was barely any character development, and people like the OW Teresa were barely described at all. I didn't like either that both of them were basically cheating, and...