The Weight of Water
Armed with a suitcase and an old laundry bag filled with clothes, Kasienka and her mother head for England. Life is lonely for Kasienka. At home her mother's heart is breaking and at school friends are scarce. But when someone special swims into her life, Kasienka learns that there might be more than one way for her to stay afloat."The Weight of Water" is a startlingly original piece of fiction; most simply a brilliant coming of age story, it also tackles the alienation experienced by many young immigrants. Moving, unsentimental and utterly page-turning, we meet and share the experiences of a remarkable girl who shows us how quiet courage prevails.

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Book TitleThe Weight of Water
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The Weight of Water Reviews

  • Kristina
    Aug 20, 2016


    I enjoyed this book so so so much! I loved the fact that it is about immigration because it is a topic that's very close to my heart with myself being an immigrant. Showing the hard transition from one culture to another and the daily struggles every teenager has at a foreign school wa...

  • Lin Let
    Aug 9, 2016

    Lin Let

    3.75/4 starsI did not notice the ending until I turned to the next page and saw the glossary. It was quick and captivating, stealing your attention to just keep reading. The Weight of Water is a fabulous account on moving to another country, being the new girl, bullying and family issu...

  • Brina
    Jul 25, 2016


    Nachdem ich erst kürzlich binnen weniger Stunden "Eins" von Sarah Crossan verschlungen habe, wollte ich noch unbedingt ein weiteres Werk von der Autorin lesen und habe zu "Die Sprache des Wassers" gegriffen, was eine gute Entscheidung war, denn auch dieses Buch konnte mich sofort in...

  • Ashley
    May 31, 2016


    Everyone…should…read…this…beautiful…and…heartbreaking…book! Trust me, you'll never regret reading it just as I thought I would! ...

  • Louise
    May 4, 2016


    After reading One by Sarah Crossan I wanted delve into more of her works. This is Sarah's debut novel and I really enjoyed it. What makes her books unique is that they are written in verse, so you can either read it like poetry or just as a normal book.The weight of water follows Kasie...

  • Jasmijn
    Apr 9, 2016


    This book was heartbreaking, perfect, powerful and unique. You have to read it. Just do that... This book was heartbreaking, perfect, powerful and unique. You have to read it. Just do that...♡ ...more ...

  • Weronika
    Apr 2, 2016


    Wow. I have no words. I have never read anything like this. (This book is actually a collection of poems that tell the story. And, God, they do it well.) My mom was right, this book is incredibly important. People should read it. You should read it. ...

  • Jenna
    Mar 18, 2016


    Before this book I thought verse novels weren't for me, but I was wrong. I couldn't put this down and devoured it all in one sitting - and loved every second of it.Kasienka is a young Polish girl dragged to England by her mother to chase down the father that deserted them. Plonked down...

  • Reading Corner
    Mar 14, 2016

    Reading Corner

    The Weight Of Water is a novel written in a beautiful,poetic style which creates a fantastic story and atmosphere.Kasienka and her mother move to England, in search of Tata,Kasienka's dad who her mother is determined to find despite Kasienka's reluctance. Kasienka encounters numerous p...

  • Awdah
    Feb 27, 2016


    This book was weak with emotions in my opinion. I didn't find much of a lasting impression. But, it did intrigue me to explore more books written in verse. I thought books of this kind would be sensitive and alluring. But not this one. ...