The Encyclopedia of Doris
The brand-new anthology of the ever-popular zine, Doris! Includes issues 19-27 as well as some extra new material.
Cindy writes her zine like she is figuring out the human condition. She makes writing about the simplest and most common things--playing music, childhood, cooking, or sex--resonate with universal understanding. She helps us make sense of more complex things like the satisfaction from doing useful work, natural curiosity, the ability to use logic, gender dynamics, introspection, the need for challenge and change, combating depression and creating art and literature. She shares and explores the emotions involved with having an abortion, rape, dealing with the death of family, or sexual harassment in a context that is enlightening and personal, feeling like a close friend opening up to you. What's most impressive though is that she relates these things into every article in her zine seamlessly.

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Book TitleThe Encyclopedia of Doris
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The Encyclopedia of Doris Reviews

  • Ashlee
    Feb 8, 2017


    So dog-eared, pen-marked, and love-worn that it just might fall apart and return to the original zine-sized chunks it's comprised of. ...

  • Tinea
    Jul 26, 2014


    Readin Cindy Crabb all grown up as I was growing up a fukd up punkkid anarcha-feminist survivor of sexual assault & abuse is partly why I felt/feel totally empowered to still claim those identities, write blog posts like zine pages, center my own healing and care plus care of other...

  • Rebecca
    Jun 24, 2014


    Absolutely one of the best books I have read in a long time. It took me about three months because it hit a chord so strongly at times I had to put it down for self preservation. Cindy Crabb is able to talk about really difficult issues, and theory in the most amazing, honest way. I al...

  • Amber
    Jan 22, 2014


    I was pleasantly surprised to find this book at my library! I had read a few issues of Doris zine, but had no idea she had published this anthology. It manages to keep that gritty, cut & paste feel of the zine, even in book format. Cindy writes at length about feminism, her mother'...

  • Ocean
    Apr 7, 2012


    you need to read this book. it's a roadmap. it's a miracle. it will make you feel less alone. it will point you in the right direction. there's even a fucking chocolate cake recipe, come ON! ...

  • Cherie
    Mar 15, 2012


    A- A great anthology of this fantastic zine, Encyclopedia of Doris. It's arranged according to letters of the alphabet, and deals with issues like punk, death, alcoholism, abuse. Great, really intimate. ...

  • Danna
    Mar 6, 2012


    The Encyclopedia of Doris is a collection of Cindy Crabb's zines, written over a 10-year period. Cindy delves deeply into topics that make many of us uncomfortable: incest at the hand of her step-brother, her troubles with consent and future sex partners, abortion, anarchy, and much mo...

  • chris
    Feb 14, 2012


    I am actually always reading this book ...

  • Lynne
    Oct 21, 2011


    Amazing, which isn't surprising. I'm a rather new Doris fan, but Cindy Crabb is just so great at writing in a way that is engaging, informative, and empowering at the same time. ...

  • Klelly
    Sep 25, 2011


    i heard her at this zine reading and then i leafed through the zines and got excited and purchased. its pretty scattered and is gonna be great for radical bathroom reading. ...