Let Them Eat Vegan!
Vegan food has come a long way in the past decade. The once ubiquitous dry, packaged veggie burger is no longer the poster child for an animal-free diet. It has evolved into a creative, sophisticated cuisine touted by the likes of Food & Wine magazine. Long at the fore of vegan blogging and cooking, Dreena Burton has been known for making healthy taste delicious. Let Them Eat Vegan! distills more than fifteen years of recipe development that emphasize unrefined, less-processed ingredients--no white flour or white sugar, but instead whole-grain flours, natural sweeteners, raw foods, and plenty of beans ’n greens. There’s no relying on meat analogues here, either--just hearty, healthy food that looks and tastes great. As the mother of three young girls, Burton always keeps their nutrition--and taste buds--in mind. From the simplest comfort foods like Warm “Vegveeta” Cheese Sauce to the more sophisticated Anise-and Coriander-Infused Orange Lentil Soup, these recipes will delight and inspire even the pickiest eaters and provide lifelong vegans with the innovative, wholesome recipes they’ve always wanted. 

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Let Them Eat Vegan! Reviews

  • Amy
    Mar 8, 2016


    I really enjoy this cookbook. Good flavors in the food but our family needs to add more spice. I've made about 70% of the recipes if you don't count the desserts. ...

  • Amy
    Apr 3, 2015


    User-friendly, family-friendly positive cookbook with recipes that should appeal to all age ranges and varied palates. Pretty straightforward recipes. She includes “Kid Friendly” and “Adult Minded” tips on certain recipes to make them more appealing for whomever you...

  • Miriam
    Feb 19, 2015


    Grafik, Design und generelles Aussehen"Let them eat vegan" ist ein eher taschenbuchartiges Kochbuch. Es ist nur wenig grösser und breiter als das A5-Format, und ca 2 cm dick, nicht besonders schwer. Es eignet sich also wie andere Taschenbücher gut zum Mitnehmen und durchblätte...

  • Karen Kleis
    Jan 7, 2015

    Karen Kleis

    All the recipes I've tried so far have been excellent. I am soy intolerant so I also really appreciate the number of soy-free recipes and those with soy-free alternatives. One of my new go-to cookbooks! ...

  • MonsterAteMy
    Dec 17, 2014


    My favorite vegan cookbook; friendly, welcoming, helpful, tasty. This is the one I recommend to get you started on a whole-foods, plant-based diet. Favorite recipes include: the Mushroom Pecan Burgers; the BBQ Sunflower Tofu; the Mac-oh-geez!. Exceptionally friendly for folks eating gl...

  • Laurie
    Oct 20, 2014


    This is definitely more challenging that Vegan Diner, but I'm trying not to be scared off. I already made the pot pie. YUM. And the B-Raw-nies are like chocolate Lara bars.I've tried more of the recipes, and have been mostly satisfied with the outcomes! I'll continue to try new ones an...

  • Cynthia Alonzi
    Aug 2, 2014

    Cynthia Alonzi

    Read it! Loved it! Bought it! Contains super delish healthy vegan recipes that my non-vegan family loves!!! ...

  • AnnieM
    May 26, 2014


    This was the wrong cookbook for me at the wrong time. This would be the fancy cookbook. It has a lot of new ingredients I'd have to buy before I attempted most of these. This is the book that helped me realize it's easier for me to find cookbooks that are gluten-free first and I can ed...

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    Apr 26, 2014

    Jo * Smut-Dickted *

    These are all very good recipes - have not run across a bad one. They are fine for my cooking capacities - not requiring multiple steps or really weird ingredients (I have plenty of weird ingredients). I sometimes tweak it a bit depending on what I have on hand. There are some spices I...

  • Hanako
    Feb 5, 2014


    I've enjoyed the recipes I've made so far, and I like that she includes adaptations and alternatives for many recipes. I really like that none of the recipes rely on things like vegan sausage or other fake products, fake cheese or whatever. She occasionally uses soy yogurt but also has...