Dogs on Duty
When the news of the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound broke, the SEAL team member that stole the show was a highly trained canine companion. Throughout history, dogs have been key contributors to military units. Dorothy Hinshaw Patent follows man's best friend onto the battlefield, showing readers why dogs are uniquely qualified for the job at hand, how they are trained, how they contribute to missions, and what happens when they retire. With full-color photographs throughout and sidebars featuring heroic canines throughout history, Dogs on Duty provides a fascinating look at these exceptional soldiers and companions.

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Dogs on Duty Reviews

  • Sarah
    Feb 9, 2016


    Nonfiction/Twin Text Entry #4Genre: InformationalTarget audience: Intermediate This book depicts dogs as both soldiers and companions and informs the reader on how dogs are trained in the military. It features many photographs and stories about heroic dogs throughout history.I paired t...

  • Kathryn Mockerman
    Feb 4, 2016

    Kathryn Mockerman

    Appeal: Intermediate readersI chose this book because most children love dogs. This should be a great option for any child who needs an introductory book to nonfiction on a subject that they love. I liked that the text wasn't just set in huge blocks, but separated into easy to read chu...

  • Jessica Schuerman
    May 11, 2015

    Jessica Schuerman

    (2015 Blue Stem)If your looking for information about war/heroic dogs this is the book to look at. This book talks about different breeds of dogs that have trained to protect and detect hiding explosives. It also talks about how the trained the dogs to jump out of air planes, to keep g...

  • Teresa Scherping
    Mar 23, 2015

    Teresa Scherping

    If you're a dog lover, you already know what amazing companions dogs can be. But did you know that they can be a vital part of wartime and security? Dogs have been a part of military operations since ancient times, but more recently they have been specially trained to make full use of ...

  • Carolynn Wells
    Mar 22, 2015

    Carolynn Wells

    Informational Text This book was very informational on the topic of Military Working Dogs. It was very interesting reading about how dogs can be trained to do special missions that would help ensure the safety of soldiers. Dogs were used during wars such as the Vietnam war as well as t...

  • Allison James
    Feb 26, 2015

    Allison James

    Nonfiction text: "Dogs on Duty: Soldiers' Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond", 0802728464 copyright 2012. Throughout American History, dogs have been an active part of the military. From Stubby, World War One veteran, to the canines who work in our modern military, "Dogs on Dut...

  • Jackie
    Nov 17, 2014


    Most civilians do not realize the tremendous work and sacrifice dogs have given to our Armed Forces...from their uncanny ability to sniff out explosives and arms, to giving comfort and companionship to their fellow military men and women, these dogs provide an invaluable service to our...

  • Tina
    Oct 26, 2014


    Reading Level: IntermediateGenre: InformationalReview: This book is all about MWDs, or military working dogs. I liked this book due to the subject matter, the excellent use of photographs, and the scope, as this book covered MWDs throughout history. I think the content could have been ...

  • Margaux
    Jul 8, 2014


    I'm brave enough to admit that I teared up a few times while reading this book. There's just something about a soldier and his dog. Essentially the book goes through the history of service dogs (WWI, WWII, Vietnam and the current wars), then goes into detail on how the dogs are trained...

  • Joanne Zienty
    Jun 27, 2014

    Joanne Zienty

    This book is currently on both the ISLMA 2015 Bluestem Award list AND the Rebecca Caudill list. 'Nuff said? It's a well-written, solidly researched look at WMDs - Military Working Dogs. It takes the reader through a brief history of the roles dogs have played in aiding soldiers, examin...