Nightwing (Nightwing Vol. II, #0)
The tragic death of Dick Grayson's parents happened a long time ago. Those responsible had been punished. It was a chapter of his life he felt was closed. He'd mourned and he'd let go.

He had moved on. He joined Batman in his crusade against crime as the costumed hero Robin. In time, Dick passed the mantle of Robin on to another and created his own identity as Nightwing.

Now, new information about his parents' death has come to light, and Nightwing is drawn into a complicated web of political intrigue in a foreign land.

He's asking questions he'd never thought to ask and wondering whether he'll live long enough to find the answers.

He has no choice.

Collects Alfred's Return #1, Nightwing mini series #1-4.

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Book TitleNightwing (Nightwing Vol. II, #0)
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Nightwing (Nightwing Vol. II, #0) Reviews

  • Sophia
    Dec 31, 2016


    This version adds Alfred's Return but I read that separately from this series (if you want to check out my review for that, look up Alfred's Return as a separate book).This comic contained the first short volume of the Nightwing series. It was interesting to see him trying to figure hi...

  • Joseph
    Dec 9, 2016


    This book collects an Alfred story that also features Nightwing, and the four issue Nightwing mini series from the mid-90s.The Alfred story takes place after he has left the employ of Bruce Wayne. Nightwing follows him to Europe, where they get involved in a military coup attempt again...

  • Jayson
    Aug 19, 2016


    (B) 74% | More than SatisfactoryNotes: Disposable, unambitious and lazy, its paper tiger villains may as well be cardboard standees for all the fight in them. ...

  • Samantha
    Jul 18, 2016


    Pretty good for the first collection. I really liked learning more about Alfred like I got to in the first one. I don't actually know a ton about Robin but I did wonder if him leaving had left a rift between he and Batman and I got to see that explored in this book. ...

  • TJ Shelby
    Feb 18, 2013

    TJ Shelby

    Nightwing pondering retirement but then leads back to "Kravia" and prevents ethnic cleansing and his connection to the Kravian prince. This was the mini-series that set up the Nightwing stand alone series. ...

  • Sean
    Jul 6, 2012


    In this collection of some early adventures of Nightwing we get to see him deal with things on his own without Batman’s guidance. The plotline is decent if not a little hokey. While I have always disliked most of Nightwing’s early looks the art here is pretty good considering...

  • John Yelverton
    Jul 31, 2011

    John Yelverton

    A story from the Batman master as he deals with a grown up Robin in his new guise as Nightwing. ...

  • Anne
    Dec 2, 2008


    Made our list of 20. Its (part of) the story of Dick Grayson, aka Robin, the boy wonder, in his adult persona. Also includes some personal background on the stoic butler. ...