The Beautiful Mystery (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #8)
The brilliant new novel in the New York Times best-selling series by Louise Penny, one of the most acclaimed crime writers of our time

No outsiders are ever admitted to the monastery of Saint-Gilbert-Entre-les-Loups, hidden deep in the wilderness of Quebec, where two dozen cloistered monks live in peace and prayer. They grow vegetables, they tend chickens, they make chocolate. And they sing. Ironically, for a community that has taken a vow of silence, the monks have become world-famous for their glorious voices, raised in ancient chants whose effect on both singer and listener is so profound it is known as “the beautiful mystery.”

But when the renowned choir director is murdered, the lock on the monastery’s massive wooden door is drawn back to admit Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir of the Sûreté du Québec. There they discover disquiet beneath the silence, discord in the apparent harmony. One of the brothers, in this life of prayer and contemplation, has been contemplating murder. As the peace of the monastery crumbles, Gamache is forced to confront some of his own demons, as well as those roaming the remote corridors. Before finding the killer, before restoring peace, the Chief must first consider the divine, the human, and the cracks in between.

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Book TitleThe Beautiful Mystery (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #8)
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The Beautiful Mystery (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #8) Reviews

  • Lynne King
    Dec 16, 2015

    Lynne King

    I’ve read some remarkable books this year – it’s like a miracle – and I thought that there was no way that I could find a book that was even better. How wrong could I possibly be?I knew as soon as I read two Goodread reviews on this book that I would love it. It has...

  • Richard Derus
    Dec 13, 2015

    Richard Derus

    Rating: 4.75* of five The Publisher Says: The brilliant new novel in the New York Times bestselling series by Louise Penny,one of the most acclaimed crime writers of our time.No outsiders are ever admitted to the monastery of Saint-Gilbert-Entre-les-Loups, hidden deep in the wilderness...

  • Margitte
    Nov 11, 2015


    Historical theme:An ancient order, the Gilbertines, is occupying the monastery with a unique selection of monks singing an ancient collection of Gregorian chants as part of their Divine Office. Their power was not so established in their disciplined, isolated religious calling, as it w...

  • Suzy
    Nov 2, 2015


    What can I say? I am a die-hard Louis Penny fan and this book did not disappoint. Set in an isolated monastery in Quebec, Saint-Gilbert-Entre-les-Loups. A monk is murdered and guess who comes to visit? Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his side-kick, Inspector Jean-Guy Beauvoir. This ...

  • ☮Karen
    Oct 23, 2015


    She is such a great author who always impresses me with how much research she does on the locations and history of her subjects. And as usual, I am eager to read the next one to see how things pan out. ...

  • Kiwi
    Aug 21, 2015


    I had a fascination with mysteries set in monasteries since I read The Name of the Rose. This book is successful in reproducing the abbey atmosphere, the repetitive simple monastic life and the obscure religious order close-knit community (the Gilbertines was founded around 1130 and cl...

  • Chris
    Jul 12, 2015


    Good continuation of the series, with much less angst than I was expecting based on the previous book... at least initially. Let's just say I'm eying the next book anxiously and suspiciously... This was the first book that had only the briefest reference to Three Pines - it mostly take...

  • Jon
    Jul 9, 2015


    Named for Agatha Christie, The Agatha Awards are literary awards given out each year to mystery and crime writers who write in the "cozy mystery" subgenre (I love that term). Cozy mysteries are traditional mysteries that contain little or no sex or violence and are often set in a close...

  • Kathy Davie
    Feb 5, 2015

    Kathy Davie

    Eighth in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache mystery series and revolving around the inspector and his second-in-command.My TakeI've been waiting for this installment with great trepidation. I knew it was coming, and I didn't want to know. I didn't want to read about it. And, in some w...

  • Kathryn
    Dec 26, 2014


    Wow, wow, wow what a powerful story, the eighth in the series. These books just keep getting better and better. I learned so much about monks, chants, monasteries and about Chief Inspector Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir. ...