Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians #1)
Crazy Rich Asians is the outrageously funny debut novel about three super-rich, pedigreed Chinese families and the gossip, backbiting, and scheming that occurs when the heir to one of the most massive fortunes in Asia brings home his ABC (American-born Chinese) girlfriend to the wedding of the season.
When Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home, long drives to explore the island, and quality time with the man she might one day marry. What she doesn't know is that Nick's family home happens to look like a palace, that she'll ride in more private planes than cars, and that with one of Asia's most eligible bachelors on her arm, Rachel might as well have a target on her back. Initiated into a world of dynastic splendor beyond imagination, Rachel meets Astrid, the It Girl of Singapore society; Eddie, whose family practically lives in the pages of the Hong Kong socialite magazines; and Eleanor, Nick's formidable mother, a woman who has very strong feelings about who her son should--and should not--marry. Uproarious, addictive, and filled with jaw-dropping opulence, Crazy Rich Asians is an insider's look at the Asian JetSet; a perfect depiction of the clash between old money and new money; between Overseas Chinese and Mainland Chinese; and a fabulous novel about what it means to be young, in love, and gloriously, crazily rich.

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Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians #1) Reviews

  • Mizuki
    Aug 11, 2016


    Pre-review:So far I've read into the first 140 pages of this book, the writing is humorous and the author's references on social and cultural practices/customs and languages of the Chinese/South East Asian communities are mostly accurate. However, I can't wholeheartedly enjoy the book...

  • rachel
    Aug 10, 2016


    Crazy Rich Asians -- Crazy, Rich Asians also works -- is like a Singaporean Austen novel, I guess, but with nastier people, worse writing, a surprising number of allusions to buttsex, brand names every other sentence, and serious(ly incongrous) footnoted Facts About Asia. Let's face it...

  • Louise
    Aug 9, 2016


    They are crazy and they are rich. That is pretty much all I got out of it. 10% in and I can't stand to read any more of this vapid book. Somehow it was not the guilty pleasure I was looking for. Returning it back to the library. ...

  • Sulis Peri Hutan
    Jul 29, 2016

    Sulis Peri Hutan

    Resensi lengkap Nicholas Young dan Rachel Chu telah menjalin hubungan selama hampir dua tahun, ketika Nick diminta sahabatnya untuk menjadi pengiring pengantin, dia sekalian ingin mengundang Rachel untuk mengunjungi kampung halamannya, Singapura...

  • Miri
    Jul 1, 2016


    I honestly don't know what the point of this book was. Is it supposed to be satire? Is it sincere? Are we really supposed to be interested in a book that tells us the cost of every ridiculous purchase and goes barely a page without mentioning a designer brand name (or five)? There's so...

  • Kelly
    Jun 30, 2016


    The review below covers the first two books in this series. There's not really any spoilers, its more an overall general impression, so you should be fine. But just FYI. Review originally appeared on my blog, Shoulda Coulda Woulda Books.***I've run into some great writers lately, which...

  • Sue (Hollywood News Source)
    Jun 20, 2016

    Sue (Hollywood News Source)

    Second read: May 26, 2017 I love it much better.First read: September 24, 2015This book speaks for its title. Its about an affluent Singaporean Chinese family. It is the chronicles of their lavish life. Crazy Rich Asians is outrageously fun and it gives you a close glimpse about their ...

  • Book Riot Community
    Jun 7, 2016

    Book Riot Community

    When Rachel Chu agrees to go on holiday to Singapore with her boyfriend, Nick, she imagines that this will just be a fun summer, a chance to meet his family and see Singapore, before returning to the simple life they live in New York. But Rachel has no idea that Nick is Nick Young (of ...

  • Christine
    Apr 28, 2016


    I am Asian, I lived in Singapore, and I am not crazy rich - but I certainly heard of enough people on that tiny island who are. Ten years ago, I remember being addicted to a blog (now defunct) called "pinkshoefetish" where one Daphne Teo of Singapore documented every single materialist...

  • Antonomasia
    Apr 27, 2016


    Gloriously good trash. I had a wonderful time with this book and am delighted there's a sequel. Nearly free of the cliches of chicklit that irritate me (bar one mention of Pride & Prejudice / Darcy / Colin Firth - and academics who rarely talk like academics, but I only noticed tha...