The Complete Calvin & Hobbes, Volume 1

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Book TitleThe Complete Calvin & Hobbes, Volume 1
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The Complete Calvin & Hobbes, Volume 1 Reviews

  • Emma
    Nov 23, 2016


    I just love the little guy and his big imagination. ...

  • Nicole Harris
    Sep 23, 2016

    Nicole Harris

    Refreshing to get the comic strip in order and not just the publisher's favorite ones. ...

  • Joseph Cook
    Nov 18, 2015

    Joseph Cook

    I absolutely love Calvin and Hobbes. I grew up reading all of these comics over and over again. It was very nostalgic to sit down with this volume and it brought up a lot of old memories. I am very excited to make my way through the rest of the volumes. ...

  • Trinity
    May 2, 2014


    Just as great as I remembered. Regan started reading it as well. ...

  • Rachel
    Apr 7, 2014


    It'll have to wait until my stepfamily gets everything unpacked in the new house, since the set is actually my stepmom's. :) ...

  • pierlapo  quimby
    Dec 2, 2012

    pierlapo quimby

    Era ora, cavoli! ...

  • J. Alfred
    Nov 14, 2011

    J. Alfred

    Well, it took about a week of sustained goofing off in the library, but I think I'd do it again (in fact, I plan to, with the other volumes in the collection). Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite comic strip when I was a kid, and revisiting it makes me want to pat my kid-self on the back...