Dangerous Masquerade (Alabama, Americana,  #1)

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Book TitleDangerous Masquerade (Alabama, Americana, #1)
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Dangerous Masquerade (Alabama, Americana, #1) Reviews

  • Pam
    Jul 2, 2017


    My review is based on two chapters. How can a book in a series called "Americana" call an elevator a "lift", the trunk of a car the "boot" and two weeks a "fortnight"? Not to mention the classic evil step mom/step sister situation. Sorry...moving on. ...

  • Amie Doughty
    Jul 8, 2016

    Amie Doughty

    I might have given it a 3 if the editing in the Kindle edition weren't so poor. The number of proofreading errors is unbelievable. The story itself is typical of Harlequin Presents from this era and paced pretty well. ...

  • Chantal ❤️
    Aug 20, 2015

    Chantal ❤️

    I loved this story no sex all light loving but it was nice to see the characters develop And I like that he put the blame on the cousin for the deceit. She was one spoiled little girl And she is in another novel as an actress. The hero saw the jewel that the heroine was and he wanted t...

  • Suzanne
    Apr 27, 2014


    LeRaine Evans and Laurie Evans are cousins living on Los Angeles. LeRraine is engaged to Rian Montgomery. Rian has invited LeRaine to visit his aunt in Mobile while he's away on business. After he leaves, she announces to Laurie that she's been offered a part in a movie. She's already ...

  • kaele
    Apr 2, 2014


    I rate this novel 2.5 out of 5.I usually like the works of this author and I finished reading this novel in two sittings so it can be commended in that regard. However, I found that Laurie (virtual doormat to her aunt, uncle and cousin) who was the female protagonist, too bland and the...

  • Leanne
    Feb 2, 2014


    Pretty much your average series romance in the 70's with a forceful male and innocent female who falls for him. ...

  • Whitney
    Oct 16, 2013


    I've really loved most of Janet Dailey's Americana books, but this one was a little flatter than the others. Initially it had such a great premise. Laurie is posing as her cousin to allow her to keep her aunt and uncle's (the family that raised her and she feels indebted to) business a...

  • Jackie Simons
    Aug 9, 2013

    Jackie Simons

    Read 5/98 ...

  • Steve Mills
    Oct 11, 2012

    Steve Mills

    Laurie goes to Alabama to masquerade as her cousins fiance and meet his aunt while he is on a business trip to South America. As you can imagine, nothing turns out as planned. ...

  • Jacqueline
    Aug 23, 2012


    I need to reread this one. But I do remember that the OW here is the heroine of one of my favorite JDs, A Land Called Deseret. ...