The Disaster Artist
From the actor who lived through the most improbable Hollywood success story, with an award-winning narrative nonfiction writer, comes the inspiring, fascinating and laugh-out-loud story of a mysteriously wealthy outsider who sundered every road block in the Hollywood system to achieve success on his own terms—the making of The Room, “the Citizen Kane of bad movies” (Entertainment Weekly).

In 2003, an independent film called The Room—written, produced, directed, and starring a very rich social misfit of indeterminate age and origin named Tommy Wiseau—made its disastrous debut in Los Angeles. Described by one reviewer as “like getting stabbed in the head,” the $6 million film earned a grand total of $1,800 at the box office and closed after two weeks. Now in its tenth anniversary year, The Room is an international phenomenon to rival The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Thousands of fans wait in line for hours to attend screenings complete with costumes, audience rituals, merchandising, and thousands of plastic spoons.

Readers need not have seen The Room to appreciate its costar Greg Sestero’s account of how Tommy Wiseau defied every law of artistry, business, and interpersonal relationships to achieve the dream only he could love. While it does unravel mysteries for fans, The Disaster Artist is more than just an hilarious story about cinematic hubris: It is ultimately a surprisingly inspiring tour de force that reads like a page-turning novel, an open-hearted portrait of a supremely enigmatic man who will capture your heart.

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The Disaster Artist Reviews

  • Agnė
    Oct 9, 2016


    If you are interested in the phenomenon of Tommy Wiseau, this book is for you. It is an amazing and captivating story of the mysterious yet lonely person who decides to create a movie against all odds (like having no artistic talents whatsover) and earns himself a place in the history ...

  • Natalie
    Aug 19, 2016


    Absolutely hilarious - highly recommend to anyone who's a fan of Tommy Wiseau's 2003 masterpiece The Room or to anyone who's curious about how the film industry works in general. ...

  • Eden
    Dec 23, 2015


    The Room is a low-budget film released in 2003 and is considered one of the worst movies ever made. I watched the movie once, back when Adult Swim aired it the first time for their annual April Fools prank. And that once was enough for me. I'm not a fan of the movie, so that's not why ...

  • Harrietthespy
    Dec 2, 2015


    The Disaster Artist was everything I wanted it to be: a book that recounts the hilarious filmmaking process of The Room but also unveils some of the mystery surrounding Tommy Wiseau ...The candles, the music, the sexy dress. I mean, what's going on here?And contrary to many other revie...

  • Kaila
    Sep 29, 2015


    There is enough information about The Room elsewhere, so I’m going to talk about my own experiences. I’ve seen it about 10 times and only one of those times was in a theater. I was very, very confused when people started throwing plastic spoons at the screens. About halfway t...

  • Rebeca
    Sep 7, 2015


    ...whatever Tommy had been running from, he'd managed to turn and face it down in his script. Instead of killing himself, he wrote himself out of danger. I took this book with me while crusading through the odder parts of Miami today. I'd barely read fifty pages of it before it starte...

  • Andrew Hicks
    Sep 7, 2015

    Andrew Hicks

    My self-assigned homework project for my second year on Goodreads is to read and review one five-star book from the reading lists of each of my five favorite new GR friends I made in my first year here. I've already reviewed Birds of America , a Snotchocheez favorite. And now, court...

  • Anna
    May 19, 2015


    ‘The Disaster Artist’ is one of the funniest books I have ever read. (Incidentally my award for most hilarious of all time goes to Lint.) It tells the tale of The Room, popularly known as one of the worst films ever made. For many years I’ve been attending a Bad Movie Ni...

  • V
    Mar 19, 2015


    So, a couple of weeks ago I went to see my first ever screening ofThe Room. And the moment I walked back into my apartment, I had a whole bunch of questions running around my mind. How was the movie financed, and why did it wind up looking cheaper than an American soap opera? Why was i...

  • Lea
    Jan 1, 2015


    I found this book incredibly sad. ...