Texas Longhorn Surprise (Kontra's Menagerie #13)
On the Road: To combine two lives, first one must understand the components of each.

When Ryan Carpenter realizes the scientists he works for are torturing sentient beings, he feels the need for penance in the form of helping the shifters free their comrades. To that end, Ryan heads to Oregon to offer aide in shutting down one of the scientist’s training facilities and freeing any captive shifters. He’s unprepared for one of the men, Sam Abbott, a Texas longhorn bull shifter, to express an attraction to him. Unfortunately, Ryan has secrets of his own, and knows if he becomes involved with Sam, a shifter, his own transgressions against Sam’s kind would eventually come out, destroying anything they might have built. Walking away—especially for the good of everyone—should be easy, right?

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Book TitleTexas Longhorn Surprise (Kontra's Menagerie #13)
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Texas Longhorn Surprise (Kontra's Menagerie #13) Reviews

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    Dec 31, 1969

    Katrina Passick Lumsden

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again; Charlie Richards is a bad writer. Her understanding of commas is laughable, she often gets words confused ('bazaar' instead of 'bizarre', 'viral' instead of 'virile', etc.), her characters are simplistic, and her formula never deviates... But...

  • Phaney
    Dec 31, 1969


    ** Fairly mild spoilers. **It had a good start.Ryan’s problems interested me; his feelings and worries made sense to me and he seemed a slightly different mix of the usual elements. As the story progressed, his character weakened a little in my eyes, running together with the many...

  • Deirdre
    Dec 31, 1969


    Caring MateSam the Longhorn has been a favorite of mine. It was great to finally read his story and while I expected some angst, for some reason maybe because I like him so much, but I felt so sorry for Sam. He'd waited and watched and now his newly discovered mate can't get away from ...

  • Sophia
    Dec 31, 1969


    Fantastic installment in the series! This was probably one of the best written of all the Charlie Richards' books I have read. The character development was superb, the plot tight and the romance had a good amount of tension, passion and tenderness. Sam and Ryan's story just left me wi...

  • Katherine
    Dec 31, 1969


    Scars and guiltShort and sweet. I enjoyed how the two matched together and how they got past their fears. Sam has scars from past abuse, while Ryan is afraid of his past actions. But they are understanding of each other and take time and talk. The pack is also very helpful and makes su...

  • Gerald Sessions
    Dec 31, 1969

    Gerald Sessions

    Switching sidesRyan worked for the scientists discovered they lied about shifters now he is helping the shifter rescue those captured and being tested/tortured. Sam is a bull shifter with problems. How these two work through the problems is interesting ...

  • multitaskingmomma
    Dec 31, 1969


    Original Blog Post: http://headouttheoven.blogspot.com/20...My Rating: 3.5 of 5 StarsOne of my secret indulgences, Kontra's Menagerie is a series I read when I am in the mood for some fluffy, easy, no-brainer, romantic stories with some mating on the side. Texas Longhorn Surprise is th...

  • Cathy Brockman
    Dec 31, 1969

    Cathy Brockman

    review written for mmgoodbookreviews.comRyan used to work for scientists that had convinced him shifters were bad and not sentient. He found out after a while that they had lied and he regretted his life and agreed to help Kontra free the captive shifters at the compound. When Ryan arr...

  • ~SexyBookWorm~
    Dec 31, 1969


    I think this book was great. I liked the military man meets bull shifter with issues. I think the story progressed well but I had to take away one star. I felt like the sexual aspects of this book were lacking. At the very end of the book there is a vague mention of the couple fooling ...

  • Mae Hanley
    Dec 31, 1969

    Mae Hanley

    And Kontra's group is off to rescue more shifters from the scientists; this time with the help of an insider and military training. Occasionally the relationship with Sam and Ryan felt a little forced to me. Sam never seemed to acknowledge Ryan’s hesitation, and I suppose as a bul...