Allie's Moon
They were two strangers alone in the world, until they found the one precious thing that could heal their wounds: each other's love...

Althea Ford lives alone with her invalid sister in a crumbling Oregon farmhouse, burdened by sins of the past. Desperate for help, she reluctantly turns to Jefferson Hicks, an ex-lawman who has fallen from grace-a man who unexpectetly awakens her to desire...and to dreams she believes she can never have. Jeff Hicks has fallen as low as a man can. But here at Allie's farm, his silent, numb heart suddenly begins to beat again. Drawn to this woman who is as much a prisoner of the past as he, Jeff discovers the healing power of love. But to claim it, they must confront spiteful enemies determined to keep them apart forever.

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Book TitleAllie's Moon
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FormatMass Market Paperback
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Allie's Moon Reviews

  • Mmeguillotine
    Aug 7, 2016


    Bizarrely overdrawn characters (too naive, too self-effacng, too nasty, too inexplicably cruel) with a plot simultaneously melodramatic and boring. Not a fan. ...

  • Hopefulpuffin
    Jun 9, 2016


    This wasn't bad but I was expecting something more. Considering Hicks was pretty much continuously drunk for 2 years, he went through minimum withdrawal and only was tempted to fall off the wagon once. I'm bothered by where Allie & Olivia got their money. Clearly there was some but...

  • Linda C
    Feb 17, 2016

    Linda C

    Althea Ford and Jefferson Hicks both have devastating pasts and unsavory reputations. Althea and her unstable sister are referred to as those crazy Ford women and Jeff is a drunkard ex-lawman in 1880s Oregon. When Jeff is catching stealing an egg and the farmer presses charges, his fri...

  • Pria
    Jun 25, 2015


    much anticipated book... but it was just duh!!! hate when book does this to me . ...

  • Sedoo Ashivor
    May 2, 2015

    Sedoo Ashivor

    Very easy book to get into. It held my interest and rewarded me with a very solid, satisfying western romance. Yes, the villain didn't seem much like a villain in the end, and I wish I got to see Olivia Ford's redemption. Still, I enjoyed this one very much! ...

  • Lauren
    Feb 14, 2015


    I liked Althea's character although I thought she was a little weak but from her upbringing it fits in. Jeff wasn't really my type of hero but I admired his courage and ability to see past what Althea couldn't and help her make her own life. ...

  • Adrianamae, Marco's fan
    Feb 9, 2015

    Adrianamae, Marco's fan

    This historical romance between two damaged people would have rated higher if it weren't that it had two things that I dislike immensely:a)the self-sacrificing heroine that no matter how badly she is treated, she continues to sacrifice herself because it's her duty or because she feels...

  • Karen
    Oct 29, 2014


    This was a sad tale for the most part. Two people imprisoned by memories the first covered by being a drunk, the second by being a perfect care giver, slave for her overbearing father & conniving sister.The characters were well developed & contrast of the sisters natures/motiva...

  • Tal
    Sep 25, 2014


    Pretty good, could have been better if the villain wasn't so vile.Basically it started just the way I like it, two broken loners find each other and their connection swerve as their healing process. Allie lives in an isolated ranch with her fragile sister. Her surrounding refer to them...

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    Sep 18, 2014

    Katrina Passick Lumsden

    Much better than anything I've read from Harrington in the past. There's a small amount of emotional fuckwittage, but not nearly as much as I've been exposed to in some other works, and the characters were at least somewhat sympathetic. I did find that the antagonists took on almost ca...