But I Could Never Go Vegan!
“Get ready for your taste buds to explode.”—Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Can’t imagine living without cheese? Convinced that dairy-free baked goods just don’t cut it? Hate the taste of tofu and not a fan of boring salads? EXCUSES, BE GONE!

Blogger-author extraordinaire Kristy Turner deliciously refutes every excuse you’ve ever heard with 125 bursting-with-flavor vegan recipes for every meal of the day—including dessert!
All those special ingredients are way more expensive.” Not when you can make your own Homemade Seitan, Barbecue Sauce, Zesty Ranch Dressing, and Tofu Sour Cream.

I could never give up cheese!” You won’t miss it at all with Tempeh Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Pecan Parmesan, Tofu Chèvre, Citrus-Herb Roasted Beets with Macadamia Ricotta, or Mushroom Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

What about brunch?Chickpea Scramble Breakfast Tacos, Lemon Cornmeal Waffles with Blueberry Sauce, and Caramel Apple-Stuffed French Toast are vegan breakfasts of champions!
My friends won’t want to come over for dinner.” They will when they get a taste of Carrot Cashew Pâté, Portobello Carpaccio, and Gnocchi alla Vodka.

But I scream for ice cream!” Then you’ll shriek over Dark Chocolate Sorbet, Mango Lassi Ice Cream, and from-scratch Oatmeal Raisin Ice Cream Sandwiches.

If you’re a waffling vegan newbie, on-the-fence vegetarian, or veg-curious omnivore, this book will banish your doubts. You’ll find you can get enough protein, fit in at a potluck, learn to love cauliflower, and enjoy pizza, nachos, brownies, and more—without any animal products at all. (Even vegan pros will discover some new tricks!)

Colorful photographs throughout will have you salivating over Kristy’s inventive, easy-to-follow recipes. So what are you waiting for? Get in the kitchen and leave your excuses at the door!

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But I Could Never Go Vegan! Reviews

  • J.
    Nov 1, 2016


    Sob!!! I really want to find a vegan recipe book that works for me and my family. Fun list of excuses but still does not contain my excuse... I AM ALLERGIC TO LEGUMES AND TREE NUTS!!!! I am always so hopeful with vegan recipes because I have a daughter who is allergic to eggs and a son...

  • Jessica
    Oct 6, 2016


    Every recipe in this book looked amazing, and every reason you could have for not at least trying more plant-based recipe is addressed. While I don't plan on becoming vegan, I really enjoy how these recipes make me feel more creative (and healthy!) in the kitchen. ...

  • Rebecca Putnam-Dudley
    Sep 26, 2016

    Rebecca Putnam-Dudley

    Seriously, everyone she read this just for the bbq roasted cauliflower recipe alone. Oh. My. Gosh. I've made it three times now and no longer need the recipe, so I guess I can return it to the library... ...

  • Lara
    Sep 25, 2016


    This one was getting hyped a lot awhile back, but when I looked at a few of the reviews it seemed like a lot of people were saying there's too much fake meat and cheese in it, and since I mostly tend to avoid those things (not having been big on meat even before I decided to quit eatin...

  • Caspian
    Sep 18, 2016


    I cook and bake a lot. You can tell she put a lot of time and effort into these recipes. Also the photos make you want to try every recipe. It's not a quick cookbook. But the meals taste like you went out to eat. So it's totally worth the work. Personally I think the veggie burgers are...

  • Lynne
    Jun 11, 2016


    Delicious!These recipes all sound delicious! I would recommend this to all my friends who like to cook. The cheese recipes are definitely worth getting the book. Also, the pizza recipes sound fabulous, I can't wait to try them. ...

  • Emily
    Jun 8, 2016


    Okay... I'm not vegan nor do I intend to be. I checked this out because I eat a vegan-like diet a good portion of the year for religious reasons. If I were considering being a vegan, this book would not sway me. When I look at vegan recipes, I always discard the ones with fake food. Bl...

  • Anna
    May 21, 2016


    Kristy Turner addresses all of my biggest excuses about why I can't go vegan, so I applaud her for that. Mostly good rhetoric, however she does tend to use the term "animal flesh" way more than necessary. I did mark a few recipes to photocopy (since the copy I read is from the library)...

  • Tisha
    Mar 17, 2016


    What a fantastic and informative read. First I must clarify: I love reading cookbooks...every...last...word. This book not only offers 125 vegan recipes but some useful information. I am in the process of becoming a vegan so I was appreciative of this information.And yes there are pict...

  • Rebekah
    Feb 2, 2016


    I have made quite a few of these recipes and I have not been disappointed! The only thing that didn't turn out wonderful was my lentil loaf and I believe it was because I did not cook my lentils long enough and did not have enough flour to my loaf but other than that, I'm very very hap...