The Game
The Game is a lush and disturbing novel portraying a sibling rivalry which compels the reader to reconsider the uses and misuses of imagination. when they were little girls, Cassandra and Julia played a game in which they entered an alternate world modeled on the landscapes of Arthurian romance. Now the sisters are grown, and hostile strangers--until a figure from their past, a man they once both loved and suffered over, reenters their lives.

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  • Dolors
    Dec 31, 1969


    This is an unkind novel, devastating in a surreptitious, quiet, almost poisonous way. Like Eliot’s hollow men, this story ends not with a bang, but with a whimper and leaves one a tad bit disoriented because of its seemingly gratuitous harshness. Byatt doesn’t shy away from t...

  • Nicole
    Dec 31, 1969


    Not her best novel. Certainly not a bad novel, but compared with what she has done elsewhere, this was a bit of a disappointment. I also had a strange reaction that the book was somehow very personal, and was sent off on a google hunt looking for gossip about her relationship with her ...

  • Nikki
    Dec 31, 1969


    I now know why this was one of the few books available on my library's list of downloadable audiobooks.(They work like real books in the library, so you can't check one out that someone else already has.) The synopsis was rather misleading (I thought there would be some fantasy involve...

  • Julie
    Dec 31, 1969


    This was a strange and gorgeous book. I love Byatt's writing. I wanted to strangle several of the characters, though. One line in "The Game" became my meditation for the results of the 2010 election: "It is always foolish to care about what one can't help. But unfortunately we never kn...

  • Mariam Odent
    Dec 31, 1969

    Mariam Odent

    I was listening to BBC's Open Book podcast on 20th century women's writing and A.S. Byatt's name came up a lot. So I decided to give her a try. As shallow as it sounds, the book cover for this novel was ugly and it screamed "BORING BOOKS YOU READ IN SCHOOL BUT WOULDN'T TOUCH ON YOUR OW...

  • Cameron
    Dec 31, 1969


    This is probably the worst book I've ever read, especially disappointing because I heard so much about Possession, highly praised by my friends (although pretty much everyone told me, "I skipped all the poetry."). This badly crafted tale of two sisters' rivalry for the attentions of an...

  • Tina
    Dec 31, 1969


    For a novel where almost nothing happens, I was completely hooked. There are several things in life I just plain adore: slow burn novels that are about nothing at all and subtlety (also, though not related to this novel: abandoned condemned houses, rain on the beach, November weather, ...

  • Emmett
    Dec 31, 1969


    A strange novel that encircles and returns again and again to its themes before closing in slowly on an unexpected conclusion. Repeated obsession, derangement, estrangement, the separation of bodies from other earthly attachments run through the minds of characters which may seem diffe...

  • Larry
    Dec 31, 1969


    As a Byatt enthusiast how can I say this without sounding petulant....this book is a mess. Having read and thoroughly enjoyed most of her work this was a shock. The story telling is bizarre with characters that in spite of suggestion and page after page of description are never defined...

  • Isabelle
    Dec 31, 1969


    The subject of this novel is not original: stories of devastating sibling rivalries, principally between sisters, abound in fiction but also in real life. I am myself part of such a story and have been since I was born, it seems. And so is A S Byatt actually!Regardless, it is not surpr...