What's for Thanksgiving Dinner?
In this book you'll meet several fine-feathered folks (a duck, a goose, and a turkey) who, after some tricky beginnings, become friends. With amusing rhyming verse to tell the story, the point gets across... that anyone can become a friend. This story is one to tickle the heart of any child, and subtly spark the spirit of gratitude within them. It emphasizes the importance of being thankful.

-- Over 40 charming illustrations in bright and happy colors.

-- Those who delight in the books of Dr. Seuss, Sandra Boyton, the Bernsteins, Mo Willems, and Laura Numeroff will love WHAT’S FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER?

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You may wish to take a peek at THE TREE-WITHIN-THE-TREE, another happy holiday book by Sally Huss.

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Book TitleWhat's for Thanksgiving Dinner?
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What's for Thanksgiving Dinner? Reviews

  • Shoa Khan
    Dec 30, 2016

    Shoa Khan

    Funny little picture book that I read over Thanksgiving, but never got around to updating here.It tells the story of a duck, a goose and a turkey, who all think of each other as their Thanksgiving dinner! Naturally, chaos ensues! ...

  • KiWi
    Dec 22, 2016


    Perfect Holiday readI loved that it was a rhyming book. It's perfect to read to kids on Thanksgiving. It feels like a bit of an adventure to see what each character will do. Fun for the whole family. ...

  • Corinne
    Dec 20, 2016


    very cute. I liked the play on duck duck goose. makes you think about what you it for thanksgiving dinner and who you eat it with. ...

  • Holly Letson
    Dec 11, 2016

    Holly Letson

    Animals are wanting to eat one another for Thanksgiving dinner. But, in the end, they decide to eat something else out instead. ...

  • SS
    Nov 29, 2016


    3 1/2 starsThe illustrations in this book are charming, and the story means well, but it's weird. A duck wanting to eat a goose for Thanksgiving dinner? A goose wanting to eat duck? A turkey wanting to eat chicken? And a pumpkin happy that it's been cooked into a pie. This would have b...

  • Rayleigh
    Nov 26, 2016


    What's For Thanksgiving Dinner is a super fun book that brings in the popular game of "Duck, Duck, Goose" to tell the story. This book definitely allows the kids to visually see and understand the meaning of being thankful. The rhymes are fun to read aloud and the pictures are engaging...

  • Stacy
    Nov 18, 2016


    This was a darling little book for kids! Text rhymes and the pictures are cute. ...

  • Adam
    Nov 17, 2016


    The illustrations are cute, and the writing style's not too bad, but what upsets me reading this is how it serves to confuse children about food and food choices. Ducks don't eat geese, geese don't eat ducks, neither of them eat turkeys. And then, when they finally realize that they sh...

  • Simone
    Nov 17, 2016


    Cute!A great read for the little ones. It's very cute and has a few surprises in it. I loved it! ...

  • Kathleen Meacham
    Nov 17, 2016

    Kathleen Meacham

    A freebie for the kindle from Amazon at Thanksgiving time. It was O.K. ...