Bacon & Butter
All the recipes you'll ever need to live and eat well on the ketogenic diet! Celby Richoux was overweight, exhausted, moody, and suffering from a range of physical discomforts when she found the ketogenic diet. But all that changed once she adopted its high fat, low carb principles. You too can reap the benefits of the ketogenic diet with Bacon & Butter, your ultimate companion for keto cooking, today and every day. Whether you've come to keto through the guidance of your doctor or you're looking for a sustainable way to lose weight, Celby's recipes will boost your health and change the way you think about food forever. Features include: Clear explanations of why fat is your friend At-a-glance charts of keto-friendly foods Ideas for how to handle social situations-from office parties to holiday family dinners-while doing keto Handy nutritional information for each recipe, plus suggestions for keeping track of your nutrients Enjoy the classic flavors of all your favorite foods with keto-friendly recipes that will keep your diet on track and your taste buds happy."

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Bacon & Butter Reviews

  • Dustin Esquibel
    Jan 24, 2017

    Dustin Esquibel

    A book about food. ...

  • Janet
    Jan 23, 2017


    I wasn't expecting much from this, so I was happily surprised with the goods ideas and delicious recipes. The author avoids the evangelicalism so common in the low-carb community. ...

  • Michelle Payne
    Jan 16, 2017

    Michelle Payne

    Great Recipes and break down of Keto The recipes are easy to follow and it is very informative. It is great for learning how to eat keto and transforming your life style. ...

  • Andrea
    Jan 8, 2017


    I've been doing keto for a couple of years, it is an incredibly enjoyable way to eat and lose weight without deprivation. This is a wonderful keto cookbook, it's one of my favorites for cooking for my family. I've not been disappointed with any recipes from this book. Some of my favori...

  • Danielle Scuderi
    Dec 20, 2016

    Danielle Scuderi

    Great recipes, good info, highly recommend for those who want to lose weight and eat amazing. ...

  • Lisa Vasilak
    Dec 3, 2016

    Lisa Vasilak

    Good information and great recipesThis book explains what a ketogenic lifestyle is with great recipes to help you stay with it. You will be a healthier you with this diet. ...

  • Jan Igaki
    Nov 18, 2016

    Jan Igaki

    Awesome book, excellent recipesThis book not only gets the science right as to a ketogenic way of eating, but also has delicious & practical recipes. One of my go-to me to books! ...

  • Jeanette R. Hall
    Oct 21, 2016

    Jeanette R. Hall

    VersatileI just purchased the digital version of this cookbook. I have been eating ketogenic for 8 months and love the energy and weight control. I have not made any recipes from this book yet however I just finished looking through them all. This book has a nice variety of functional ...

  • Audrey Leanne Earl
    Sep 27, 2016

    Audrey Leanne Earl

    Awesome. Mucho helpfulHelpful. Easily explained to a newbie. Quick read loved the sauces and condiments. And low carb accepted list. Love it ...

  • Lucy
    Sep 24, 2016


    The recipes all sound great.I can't wait to try these recipies. I am just getting ready to end a three week jump start into this type of eating and I was worried if I would be able to find food I'd enjoy eating. There are more then enough great food ideas. ...