House Arrest
Stealing is bad.
I know.
But my brother Levi is always so sick, and his medicine is always so expensive.

I didn’t think anyone would notice,
if I took that credit card,
if, in one stolen second,
I bought Levi’s medicine.

But someone did notice.
Now I have to prove I’m not a delinquent, I’m not a total bonehead.

That one quick second turned into
a judge
a year of house arrest,
a year of this court-ordered journal,
a year to avoid messing up
and being sent back to juvie
so fast my head will spin.

It’s only 1 year.
Only 52 weeks.
Only 365 days.
Only 8,760 hours.
Only 525,600 minutes.

What could go wrong?

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House Arrest Reviews

  • Kate
    Oct 6, 2016


    Timothyon house arrestbecause his brother needed the medicinewrites his journal.Shares his paindesperation fearand love.Powerful from the minute you read the first lineright to the very end. ...

  • Michele
    Sep 28, 2016


    So good! I love when you find a book that speaks to your heart AND makes you want to read everything else this author has written! ...

  • Edilyn
    Sep 16, 2016


    This book is about a family who is doing everything to make Levi to live longer.. The brother name Timothy, steal medicine just for his baby brother Levi. The mom work hard to earn money for Levi. When Timothy steal, the cops came to their house. They didn't arrest Timothy, they just t...

  • Lucija Selak
    Aug 29, 2016

    Lucija Selak

    Thanks to Abrams & Chronicle for sending me a copy of this book for a review. However, this doesn't affect my opinion.This one was a bit hard for me to read. But not because it was boring. It was super interesting. But because the things happening in this book are someone's reality...

  • Kary
    Jul 5, 2016


    This book had me sniveling. One of the sweetest sibling relationships I've ever read. 12 year old Timothy adores his 1 year old baby brother who has subglottic stenosis, a severe narrowing of the trachea, making it nearly impossible to breathe without a trach. Timothy is a champion for...

  • Holly
    Jun 14, 2016


    I likely won't read this again...thus the star rating...but I seriously don't think it only deserves 3 stars. It was super funny, poignant and well-written. And I read it in like 2 hours. Really great and sweet read. Cheers, KA Holt! Super enjoyed it! ...

  • Carrie Gelson
    Jun 4, 2016

    Carrie Gelson

    I recommend this book to the moon and back. A must, must read. When I stop feeling all kinds of everything I might be able to return to this review and actually explain why. ...

  • Lisa Zinkie
    May 27, 2016

    Lisa Zinkie

    4.5 stars because this kid can't catch a break ... no one will acknowledge his sacrifices of self to help his little brother live. I loved this book ... it made me laugh and cry even though I thought the authorities were graceless / merciless. I'm glad it's in our collection so I can r...

  • Ari
    May 15, 2016


    I like reading about family.I like reading about a kid who despite his/her age fights tooth and nail for his/her family.I like reading about the good people who helped that kid, on their own way.That kind of stories might left me in tears sometimes but also gave me warm feeling inside....

  • Chase Miller
    May 8, 2016

    Chase Miller

    This is a good novel in verse about middle school boy named Timothy who is on House Arrest. With his sick little brother named Levi and buying medication. With his family's tough life he has to write a journal over the course of the year being placed on house arrest. I though this book...