#Selfie (Hashtag, #4)
It’s all about the #Selfie.

She was the one girl I never wanted.

Until I had her.

One night.

One mistake.

Something we both wanted to forget.

I got rid of the proof. The one piece of evidence that could remind us both.

At least, I thought I did.

When it shows up on the school Buzzfeed, rumors fly. Friendships are tested and the feels get real.

I don’t do relationships. I don’t open my heart.

Especially for a girl everyone knows I hate.

What happens during spring break, stays in spring break.

Until it follows you home.

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Book Title#Selfie (Hashtag, #4)
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#Selfie (Hashtag, #4) Reviews

  • Jamie (The Kansan Reader)
    Sep 18, 2016

    Jamie (The Kansan Reader)

    Of course you could tell something was going to go down between Braeden and Ivy. That was a given by the way they acted towards each other in #Player. I knew it wasn't going to be Missy because he just didn't feel that way about her. Yeah they had a 'friends with benefits' deal, but he...

  • Annie D.
    Sep 15, 2016

    Annie D.

    Loving this series and I knew all that hate would turn into something else! Also knew who the the #BuzzBoss was. I guessed it right! Ha! Can't say anymore, go read it.#13rocks! ...

  • Brianna
    Sep 4, 2016


    This series is killing me. I can't take it. I'm way to obsessed. Totally didn't expect to find out that's who it was. No words. Time for book 5! ...

  • Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦
    Sep 3, 2016

    Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦

    Series: The Hashtag Series (Braeden & Ivy's story) Genre: New Adult. College Romance. :: 5 Pretty Little Stars :: I loved this one! It's just as beautiful and sweet as Rimmel and Romeo's story but with a little more angst and LOTS of drama. This one starts the beginning of Brae...

  • Michelle [Helen Geek]
    Jul 14, 2016

    Michelle [Helen Geek]

    12/27/2015 --Hmm.. Well, the other night I could not find anything to read. I was on GR and Amazon, triangulating suggestions and settled on something with a sports theme. So, okay, got that settled .. now what to read. I looked and looked and finally settled on this one. Well, the H i...

  • *Lynn*
    Jul 3, 2016


    3.5 Stars ...

  • Alona
    May 9, 2016


    1.5 stars.No words!I decided to read this book after I started reading #Junkie and almost halfway through it, I discovered that all the characters are in the 6(!) books that are in the #Hashtag series.I think it is possible to read #Junkie as a stand alone, but I did not like the "hole...

  • Mercedes
    Feb 20, 2016


    Finally a book for Braeden! I was dying for him to have his own book and I finally made it to his story. I was not disappointed. This book was about Braeden but we still got to see the rest of the gang as we should considering he's Rimmel's BBFL and Romeo's BFFL. Braeden had just bec...

  • Katherine
    Jan 19, 2016


    4.5 stars ...

  • Aina Shukri
    Dec 20, 2015

    Aina Shukri

    Will it hurt if I tell you that Braeden's story is much better than Romeo's? Nahhh.. Don't be. Cause it's the truth. Where Romeo-Rimmel are full of drama, Braeden-Eve are full of baggage. While Romeo and Rimmel are more like fairytale, Braeden and Eve feels like soap opera. A good soap...