You Will Know Me
Katie and Eric Knox have dedicated their lives to their fifteen-year-old daughter Devon, a gymnastics prodigy and Olympic hopeful. But when a violent death rocks their close-knit gymnastics community just weeks before an all-important competition, everything the Knoxes have worked so hard for feels suddenly at risk. As rumors swirl among the other parents, revealing hidden plots and allegiances, Katie tries frantically to hold her family together while also finding herself drawn, irresistibly, to the crime itself, and the dark corners it threatens to illuminate. From a writer with "exceptional gifts for making nerves jangle and skin crawl," (Janet Maslin) You Will Know Me is a breathless rollercoaster of a novel about the desperate limits of desire, jealousy, and ambition.

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You Will Know Me Reviews

  • Book Riot Community
    Oct 12, 2016

    Book Riot Community

    There’s a lot of Megan Abbott love around Book Riot, all of it deserved. This summer, I’ve been reading a ton of books about the dark, complicated lives of teenage girls (this one, The Girls, The Summer of Naked Swim Parties, Girls on Fire). What I like about these books, and...

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    Oct 2, 2016

    Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    Katie and Eric Knox know no bounds when it comes to their extra-special gymnast daughter, Devon. Every thing goes to Devon and her amazing talent. That extra mortgage? No biggie. Smoozing with the richie bitch down the street. Par for the course. Devon is a star. That's all that matte...

  • Sheila
    Sep 30, 2016


    3.5 stars, I guess (between "liked" and "really liked.")I adore Megan Abbott. She writes high-school girls better than anyone. She also, it seems, writes adult women really well! The central question of this book is what would you do for the ones you love? And the answer here is anythi...

  • Jan
    Sep 24, 2016


    3.75 starsThis was an interesting read for me. I can't say that I loved it, but I did enjoy reading it.I felt like the proverbial fly on the wall, getting a chance to be a voyeur into the inner workings of the life of a young gymnast being groomed to be the next gold medalist.I think t...

  • Jennifer
    Sep 23, 2016


    "You can’t understand what it’s like until you see your child do something you could never do. No one could ever do."The world of competitive gymnastics -- reaching the pinnacle where a spot on the Olympic team is just in sight. A dream come true, right? Or, maybe, a nightmar...

  • Elyse
    Sep 21, 2016


    I took forever to finish this book .....which can be read in a day. I only 'came back' to 'humor myself' with this $1.99 special during those times I was relaxing in our sauna. I save sauna/Kindle reads for those books I'm not dying to finish-- if it takes me 6 weeks -- makes no differ...

  • Zoeytron
    Sep 18, 2016


    Competitive edge, the pressure to be perfect, and far too much importance attached to a performance. For fifteen year old Devon Knox, perfection in gymnastics is all she has ever wanted. Her parents are willing to do anything to help her achieve it. They may have doubts about a lot of ...

  • karen
    Sep 13, 2016


    Being a girl is so hard, Katie thought. And it only gets harder.i think i'm gonna go ahead and give this five stars after all. because, confession time - as far as her non-noir stuff goes, i didn't love her last two (Dare Me and The Fever) as much as i loved The End of Everything. i di...

  • Julie
    Sep 11, 2016


    You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott is a 2016 Little Brown publication.I put this book on hold way back at the start of the 2016 Summer Olympics, and quickly discovered I had a very long wait ahead of me. FINALLY, I got a copy and immediately blew through the book at record speed. I knew ...

  • Brandon
    Sep 6, 2016


    Katie and Eric Knox are parents to Devon, a young, talented and ambitious gymnast with Olympic aspirations. Devon has sacrificed her childhood in exchange for hard work and dedication to her craft while Eric and Katie have sacrificed their personal lives and finances to help Devon real...