D DAY Through German Eyes - The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944
This is the hidden side of D Day which has fascinated readers around the world.

Almost all accounts of D Day are told from the Allied perspective, with the emphasis on how German resistance was overcome on June 6th 1944. But what was it like to be a German soldier in the bunkers and gun emplacements of the Normandy coast, facing the onslaught of the mightiest seaborne invasion in history?
What motivated the German defenders, what were their thought processes - and how did they fight from one strong point to another, among the dunes and fields, on that first cataclysmic day? What were their experiences on facing the tanks, the flamethrowers and the devastating air superiority of the Allies?

This book sheds fascinating light on these questions, bringing together statements made by German survivors after the war, when time had allowed them to reflect on their state of mind, their actions and their choices of June 6th.

We see a perspective of D Day which deserves to be added to the historical record, in which ordinary German troops struggled to make sense of the onslaught that was facing them, and emerged stunned at the weaponry and sheer determination of the Allied soldiers. We see, too, how the Germans fought in the great coastal bunkers, perceived as impregnable fortresses, but in reality often becoming tombs for their crews.

Above all, we now have the unheard human voices of the individual German soldiers - the men who are so often portrayed as a faceless mass.

Book 2 in this unique series is also now available in e-book form.

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D DAY Through German Eyes - The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944 Reviews

  • Clyde Cordero
    Dec 25, 2016

    Clyde Cordero

    Interesting read. I gained a lot of insight into the mind set of the German defenders of what they considered to be a United Europe. You really get a sense of what these men witnessed and experienced leading up to and during the Allied invasion on D-Day. ...

  • Hatim AlQaidhi
    Dec 24, 2016

    Hatim AlQaidhi

    It is always good to see through things from the point of view of others and I think that this book captures this idea very well. In this compilation of interviews one thing that I found to be repeated by the interviewees is that Americans will probably do the same if they were in thei...

  • Nicolette Harding
    Dec 21, 2016

    Nicolette Harding

    The authors grandfather interviews German soldiers in 1955, 10 years after visiting batteriers or Atlantic Wall they built on the shores of France. I've never met a German who would speak openly if not at all about the time period so this was interesting to read. Most striking was one ...

  • Nathan
    Dec 21, 2016


    Excellent account of a different perspective I have read numerous books on WW2 and the holocaust on the allied accounts. It was interesting to see the accounts from the other side, and being the target of such powerful forces. This book isn't for the light hearted though. Being an Amer...

  • J
    Dec 20, 2016


    6/10 This short book is a series of interviews conducted with German soldiers who were in Normandy on D-Day. I think it has some insights into the German perspective. I would rate it the highest rating, but I won't just in case it's fake.* Even if this is a concoction of stories of vet...

  • Lynn
    Dec 18, 2016


    This was quite an interesting book. Told through the eyes of German soldiers who experienced the Normandy invasion, it was quite graphic at times. It was fascinating to get a different perspective and to see as the author noted at the end of the book, the motivation of the German troop...

  • Pduit
    Dec 17, 2016


    Great read to better understand the German point of view during D-DayI enjoyed this look into the German soldiers point of view dying this time in history. Most books about WWII have only shown the Allies side of the story. Sometimes I think we forget that the German soldiers we during...

  • Maureen McKee
    Dec 16, 2016

    Maureen McKee

    FascinatingI believe this is the first first person narrative from the German perspective I have ever read. The matter of fact horror of combat is haunting. War is anything but romantic, as this narrative so ably sets forth. ...

  • Ellen Trautner
    Dec 14, 2016

    Ellen Trautner

    Wow, what a good book! And by good, I mean terribly awful. This is a collection of interviews with German soldiers, of varying rank and experience, who defended the Normandy beaches during the Allied invasion on D-Day. The interviews were actually done by the author's father, who was a...

  • Joshua Wells
    Dec 12, 2016

    Joshua Wells

    Fascinating read about a day in history that all American history buffs have read on, watched documentaries about, and studied, but hearing the unadulterated remembrances of those facing the D-Day landings is eye opening. The honesty of the interview subjects and their objectivity brin...