Suddenly in Love (Lake Haven, #1)
Mia Lassiter is thrilled to finally put her artistic skills to use working for her aunt’s interior design shop in her hometown of East Beach. While renovating an old mansion overlooking stunning Lake Haven, she encounters a scruffy but attractive man named Brennan—the owner’s son. She doesn’t realize this sexy recluse is actually Everett Alden, the world-famous rock star in hiding who’s nursing his own artistic and personal crises.

As their personalities clash, tension simmers between the struggling artist and jaded musician, and their time spent alone together in the gorgeous old house only serves to turn up the heat. Soon, Mia and Brennan’s creative passions boil over to inspire passions of another kind…

But reality comes crashing in when Mia’s celeb-obsessed cousin discovers Brennan’s true identity—and reveals it to the world. As paparazzi swarm the mansion, Brennan is thrust back into his rock star lifestyle. Will Mia lose her soul mate just when she’s finally found him? Can their love survive the glaring spotlight?

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Book TitleSuddenly in Love (Lake Haven, #1)
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Suddenly in Love (Lake Haven, #1) Reviews

  • Connie
    Dec 3, 2016


    Laugh-out-loud good! Poor Mia, unemployed, homeless, and forced to move back home to confront those painful and embarrassing memories she's tried so hard to bury. Imagine her face when she realizes she just told that smelly, unkempt stranger that he stinks and he turns out to be Everet...

  • Liz
    Nov 30, 2016


    After losing her job, Mia returns home to the lake town where she grew up and begins to work for her interior designer aunt. She meets Brennan, who is the son of the woman who owns the house they're decorating. Things do not start well. Which is one of the reasons why I liked this so m...

  • Sandy D.
    Oct 24, 2016

    Sandy D.

    Rock star in hiding meets quirky designer stuck in her lakeside hometown to regroup after losing boyfriend, job, etc. Interesting characters, good flow. ...

  • Shawn
    Oct 4, 2016


    I didn't care for anyone in this book and the heroine was not even one-dimensional. ...

  • Lee
    Aug 21, 2016


    “Brennan, you made me feel like I mattered and I belonged. ” You know, I thought I had this done and dusted, the review finished and sent off to Scandal but overnight I changed my mind. You see overnight I came to a much deeper understanding of Mia and realisations of my own ...

  • Swanangel15's Book Review
    Aug 15, 2016

    Swanangel15's Book Review

    This story was a miracle in the making. I have no idea how Julia London made two of the most opposite people ever, come together so smoothly and perfectly.Mia Lassiter had a blow to not only her art but also to her self-esteem. I have no idea how she was able to move after that rejecti...

  • Monique
    Jul 28, 2016


    Review written: March 18, 2016Star Rating: Heat Rating: This book was received free via Netgalley for an honest review. I first ran across Julia London when she was recommended to me for her historicals and I loved them! So, I figured I should give her contemporaries a try too. And...

  • Sarah
    Jun 20, 2016


    20/6 - Meh. I didn't like Brennan very much, he was way too self-absorbed to start with and you know what they say about first impressions - they last. And my first impression of Brennan lasted through the rest of the book. This didn't really turn out to be the book I thought it was go...

  • Loy
    Jun 7, 2016


    Love all of Julia Londons contemporary booksThis was very good. Will read the next one in the series ...

  • Jan Kaplan
    Jun 2, 2016

    Jan Kaplan

    The genre of Contemporary Romance is one of my favorites and Suddenly In Love suits this category like a dream. Ms. London has created so many interesting characters here that I found myself sinking into the story as if taking a fragrant soak in my favorite bubble bath.Brennan Yates, a...