The Short Drop (Gibson Vaughn, #1)

A decade ago, fourteen-year-old Suzanne Lombard, the daughter of Benjamin Lombard—then a senator, now a powerful vice president running for the presidency—disappeared in the most sensational missing-person case in the nation’s history. Still unsolved, the mystery remains a national obsession.

For legendary hacker and marine Gibson Vaughn, the case is personal—Suzanne Lombard had been like a sister to him. On the tenth anniversary of her disappearance, the former head of Benjamin Lombard’s security asks for Gibson’s help in a covert investigation of the case, with new evidence in hand.

Haunted by tragic memories, he jumps at the chance to uncover what happened all those years ago. Using his military and technical prowess, he soon discovers multiple conspiracies surrounding the Lombard family—and he encounters powerful, ruthless political players who will do anything to silence him and his team. With new information surfacing that could threaten Lombard’s bid for the presidency, Gibson must stay one step ahead as he navigates a dangerous web to get to the truth.

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Book TitleThe Short Drop (Gibson Vaughn, #1)
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The Short Drop (Gibson Vaughn, #1) Reviews

  • Norma
    Oct 31, 2016


    This was an Amazon Kindle First pick for me and has been sitting on my shelf unread until I seen all the excellent reviews here on Goodreads for this debut novel. I must say I haven't read a Political Thriller in quite some time and I am so glad that I decided to read this one. The Sho...

  • Melodie
    Oct 10, 2016


    This political thriller/mystery was well put together with characters that I could engage with. The plot wasn't a straight line and I enjoyed the twists and turns. The only fall down was when it turned to tech talk. My eyes were crossing with all the intricacies of computer function. ...

  • Maureen DeLuca
    Sep 29, 2016

    Maureen DeLuca

    Where do I start? Computer hacking- Unsolved crimes? and then their is politics- which is just about criminal most of the time in the best of circumstances. I have to say that the start of this book was a tad bit slow- almost to the point of me not even bothering- BUT, with all my pals...

  • Marilyn C.
    Jul 11, 2016

    Marilyn C.

    The Short Drop was highly suspenseful, fast paced and filled with political intrigue!Matthew FitzSimmons in his debut novel has created an extremely likable but flawed character in Gibson Vaughn, a legendary hacker, who has now been struggling in life as a low level IT guy. Vaughn used...

  • Skip
    Jun 18, 2016


    Excellent debut novel, with quality political intrigue and well-developed, yet complex characters. Gibson Vaughn is the son of a political hack, who committed suicide after Gibson's computer hacking found data implicating Senator Benjamin Lombard of theft, and the subsequent investigat...

  • TS Chan
    Jun 16, 2016

    TS Chan

    An eternal truth of the human condition was that no one ever thought they were evil. No matter how reprehensible their actions, people always convinced themselves they were justified.4.5 stars. This is a really, really good book and I can't believe it's a debut novel of the author. A m...

  • Patty
    Jan 8, 2016


    Hmm......I liked this book, but the writing seemed a bit juvenile at times, such as the sentence, "He hadn't even known they still made dirty magazines." Seriously!! Come on. And the sentence, "Judging by his hunger, he'd been out at least twelve hours, which would make it, what? Frida...

  • Giulia
    Jan 2, 2016


    The Short Drop is a mystery/political thriller. My grandpa loved this genre and when I was little I just read everything I could lay my eyes on. That's when I started reading these intense action crime thrillers. I haven't read anything like it for a long time, but I was positively imp...

  • Tooter
    Dec 31, 2015


    I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this debut by Matthew Fitzsimmons. I will definitely be reading the sequel! ...

  • Tom Swift
    Dec 30, 2015

    Tom Swift

    My favorite books of 2015, in no particular order;1.The Bone Tree2.City on Fire3.Night Film4.Landline5.Bel Canto6.Finders Keepers7.A Little Life8.NOS4A29.Career of Evil10. Anything by Karin Slaughter ...