A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street
The only remaining female in the George Nash family, Ociee chooses to view herself as more brother than sister. Her favorite outfit is soft, worn dungarees and her brother Ben's old shirt that Mama made. Ociee's hair is a wispy web of curls and, dreadfully, it usually falls in her face when her self-tied ribbons slide down her back. Her gray eyes sparkle as she delights in jumping on moving boxcars and chasing strangers who dare to wander upon her frontier Mississippi farm.This same little tomboy also goes to great pains to cook and clean and make a home for her beloved Papa and brothers Fred and Ben. She tries valiantly to fill the hole her Mama's death has left in the family. She fingers Mama's locket and hopes the touch of it will make things feel better.

Ociee endears herself to all while she moves from her mother's traumatic funeral and its repercussions to a personal celebration of her own young life. Her eyes learn to see beyond stereotypes and traditional viewpoints as she looks into the hearts of people and finds only what is strong and joyful within them. Ociee giggles as only an innocent child can giggle; yet her youthful spirit carries what would seem to be the wisdom of an older soul.

Ociee triumphs over the sadness, fear, and anxiety of the painful occurrences of her early life. In doing just that, she will bloom in a new garden and weave her charm into the fabric of those who come to know her in a new home on Charlotte Street.

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Book TitleA Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street
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A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street Reviews

  • Cheryl
    Jan 29, 2015


    A nice uncomplicated read with likable characters and no earth-shattering complications (just what I needed after many of the recent books I've read and left feeling depressed). I look forward to enjoying the second book. Unfortunately, that's probably as far as I can go with the serie...

  • Gwynn
    Dec 3, 2014


    Great read fir children. Ociee had wonderful adventures. ...

  • Bonnie
    Sep 17, 2012


    After watching the wholesome movie upon which this book is based with my granddaughter, I decided to read the book and enjoyed it as a fast read. I recommend it as historical fiction with moderate adventure and basic life lessons for elementary readers. ...

  • Kathi Olsen
    Nov 23, 2011

    Kathi Olsen

    This is a series that would probably be fun for girls about 10 years old. It is actually more of historical fiction as the stories are based on the life of the author's grandmother. ...

  • Dana
    Jul 7, 2011


    i know this was based on a true story of her grandma when she was young, but it was a really slow read. i almost gave up on the book but stuck through. i felt like i was on the verge of something exciting to happen, but nothing ever did. ...

  • Luckngrace
    May 5, 2011


    I began this book to support North Carolina authors. I really enjoyed the peaceful ambience created by old-timey values, horse-drawn carriages clopping along glorious mountain scenes, the cozy home of Aunt Mamie who papers each room with flowers. All this serves as background for the h...

  • Michelle
    Nov 18, 2010


    This would be a great story if I was 5. Must read free kindle descriptions better before downloading. ...

  • Susie
    Oct 5, 2010


    for Annie to read ...

  • Katie
    Oct 4, 2010


    This is a book for older kids or teens, but if I were in that category, I'd think it was great. It was quite simplistic for an adult reader. ...

  • Carla
    Sep 26, 2010


    Sigh...well, there goes a few hours of my life that I won't get back. Sweet enough story I guess, but overall a mindless read that in few ways (ok, maybe no way) left me better off for having read it. Thrilled it was a free kindle download. ...