Tears of the Silenced
When I was six years old my family started to live and dress like the Amish. For the next twelve years, my sister and I were subjected to almost complete isolation, sexual abuse, and severe physical violence.

In my late teens, my parents feared we would escape and took us to an Amish community where we were adopted and became baptized members.I was devastated to once again find myself in a world of fear, animal cruelty and sexual abuse..Going to the police was forbidden. A few years later I was sexually assaulted by the bishop, I knew I had to get help and one morning in early March I made a dash for a tiny police station in rural Minnesota. When I refused to recant my police report I was excommunicated from the Amish and found myself plummeted into the strange modern world with only a second-grade education and no ID or social security card. Based on a true story.

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Tears of the Silenced Reviews

  • erika bairefeild
    Aug 25, 2016

    erika bairefeild

    Great bookI love the way this book was written. It is such a tragic story that gives first hand insight of abuse but leaves you feeling hopeful and with the the knowledge that with hard work, faith, and determination you can accomplish whatever you want in life, no matter what odds see...

  • Cathi Deal
    Aug 6, 2016

    Cathi Deal

    Horrifying!For years now we have romanticized the Amish as a group of people who have gone back to the basics in the most complete sense. That view almost precludes us from taking an in-depth look at what they are truly like, and some of the novels about Amish life hints at the dark si...

  • Phyllis Stinson
    Jul 1, 2016

    Phyllis Stinson

    HumWhether this is true or not, I personally have never read any such thing. I imagine rape happens every where but to believe the Amish would be that cruel to the victim and easy on the rapist is really over the top. I couldn't read it all. Just because they say it is true, doesn't ma...

  • Elizabeth Heagy
    Jun 30, 2016

    Elizabeth Heagy

    Amazing and eye openingI'm a survivor. Misty's book is the most inspirational book about surviving abuse. She gives raw details of her childhood and so I would say for this reason this book is not for the woozy. She also gives eye opening testimony about being forced to be Amish and li...

  • Karen
    May 1, 2016


    While I don't doubt what is written in this book is true, I also don't consider it typical of most of the Amish. Also, what happened with Brian and Misty's mother is most definitively not typical of the Amish as I would not consider them Amish, more like people pretending to be Amish a...

  • Hannah ♡
    Apr 12, 2016

    Hannah ♡

    Inspirational and very touching. A real eye-opener when it comes to child abuse. ...

  • Jes Caruss
    Apr 8, 2016

    Jes Caruss

    I wish I could give ZERO stars!What a crock of shite! For someone who "doesn't remember things well" because they fell head first into the mouth of a Dane at 4 and had suffered severe head injuries (don't even get me started on that flat out lie!) she sure remembers a lot, and in minut...

  • Kymberli Ward
    Apr 2, 2016

    Kymberli Ward

    I give up. If this author had an horrific childhood, she has my deepest sympathies. However, this book is not only dreadful, but completely unbelievable. "Let me count the ways ..."1. Her "family" was not Amish. That she would blame that community for her trauma(s) is ridiculous and un...

  • T L
    Mar 31, 2016

    T L

    This book haunted me for days. When I put it down I found myself thinking about your plight all day. Finally I just had to sit down one weekend and finish it! Great memoir! The abuse in the mountains in complete isolation was horrific. ...

  • Tracey
    Mar 26, 2016


    Must Read!!! Hard to read but I just didn't want to put it down. I learned a lot about the Amish community & their beliefs. It hurt to hear about the abuse the woman & children suffered in the name of religion from the men of the church. I know this is not how all Amish communi...