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  • Sarah Cofer
    Jan 10, 2017

    Sarah Cofer

    These 12, wonderfully diverse stories-- for the 12 days of Christmas-- cover themes of love, loneliness, magic, miracles and the spirit of the season. There are realistic tales, goosebump-inducing ghost stories and more fantastical stories, complete with wish-granting, orange tutu-wear...

  • Katie Farmer
    Jan 10, 2017

    Katie Farmer

    Oh, I adored this.This being my first experience with Jeanette Winterson, I was a bit worried that she wouldn't live up to the hype. She did. Completely. Her writing was beautiful and atmospheric. There are so many different kinds of Christmas stories in this collection and I appreciat...

  • Kirsty
    Jan 4, 2017


    I decided to purchase Christmas Days for three reasons: firstly, it is festive; secondly, it is beautiful in itself; and thirdly, it was written by one of my favourite contemporary authors. Rather than read it all in one go as I would ordinarily, I chose to approach it in a slightly di...

  • Cecily
    Jan 3, 2017


    This is a physically beautiful collection of a dozen (for the twelve days of Christmas) new short stories, alternating with a dozen pieces about food (each ending with a recipe), all with a Christmas or winter theme, topped and tailed with an introduction and a Christmas message. I use...

  • Louise Elliman
    Jan 2, 2017

    Louise Elliman

    This is a wonderful book. A perfect Christmas present. All the stories are beautifully written and the first two left me feeling so warm and full of hope that a "Dark Christmas" was a sudden shock of fear that I wasn't expecting (although to be fair the title should have been a clue). ...

  • Ali
    Jan 1, 2017


    Twelve stories and twelve feasts for twelve days, it simply oozes Christmas spirit. The volume opens with ‘Christmas Tide’ an introductory essay by the author, ruminating on what Christmas is and where it, and all those traditions we take for granted come from.The twelve stor...

  • Jonathan
    Dec 31, 2016


    This would have got five stars had it not been for the steak sandwich recipe - but it is just my hard, veggie-hearted nature showing through. Not being a Christmas person it did not seem a natural choice of book in the first place, however I have got back into Jeanette Winterson's work...

  • Beth Bonini
    Dec 31, 2016

    Beth Bonini

    This collection of original short stories, memories, personal rituals, recipes, musings, and informational bits about cultural and religious tradition are mixed up like a rich Christmas pudding. You can gorge yourself on it, or consume just a bit at a time - either way, it makes for th...

  • Phillip Sawyer
    Dec 31, 2016

    Phillip Sawyer

    This book is for anglophiles, Christmas junkies, cookbook and nostalgia lovers. Based on the English tradition of Christmas ghost story telling, Winterson gifts us 12 stories, 1 for each of the 12 days of Christmas, and 12 memories of Christmas past each with an accompanying recipe. Wr...

  • Misty
    Dec 30, 2016


    I always know that Jeannette Winterson is going to reward me with rare and unalloyed reading pleasure. I've been impressed over the course of her career with her facility with language, her stunning prose style, her brilliant acidity balanced with huge compassion. It's fairly common fo...