The Woman on the Orient Express
Hoping to make a clean break from a fractured marriage, Agatha Christie boards the Orient Express in disguise. But unlike her famous detective Hercule Poirot, she can’t neatly unravel the mysteries she encounters on this fateful journey.

Agatha isn’t the only passenger on board with secrets. Her cabinmate Katharine Keeling’s first marriage ended in tragedy, propelling her toward a second relationship mired in deceit. Nancy Nelson—newly married but carrying another man’s child—is desperate to conceal the pregnancy and teeters on the brink of utter despair. Each woman hides her past from the others, ferociously guarding her secrets. But as the train bound for the Middle East speeds down the track, the parallel courses of their lives shift to intersect—with lasting repercussions.

Filled with evocative imagery, suspense, and emotional complexity, The Woman on the Orient Express explores the bonds of sisterhood forged by shared pain and the power of secrets.

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The Woman on the Orient Express Reviews

  • Fatima
    Jun 11, 2017


    Its a historical novel, mixes fact and fiction and puts Agatha Christie at the centre of a story based loosely on real life. It is 1928 when Agatha has divorced her husband, Archie, after he told her that he was in love with another woman. She went missing after the breakup of her marr...

  • Erin
    May 24, 2017


    3.5 stars Audiobook narrated by Justine Eyre Brief description I have never read any books by Agatha Christie, but this book just sounded as if it was right up my alley. Although the fictionalized story only partially takes place on the Orient Express and it isn't a standard mystery, r...

  • Heidi
    May 24, 2017


    I was a huge Agathe Christie fan as a teenager and in my early teens, and although I have not read much by the author since devouring all her books in my youth, this amazing woman still intrigues me. Therefore I was quite excited when the audiobook version of The Woman on the Orient Ex...

  • Krista
    May 24, 2017


    I originally thought this book was a mystery, I just assumed because it has Agatha Christie as one of the main characters. However, this is not a mystery but a wonderful historical fiction read. The book tells the story of three women, (Agatha Christie, Katherine, and Nancy), who paths...

  • Heather
    May 24, 2017


    Definitely an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I liked the final product. Christie dealing with the aftermath of her famous disappearance is a good starting point, but Ashford doesn't really do much with it. It's more used as a catalysis to meet other characters and the plot ends up ...

  • Veronica
    Apr 12, 2017


    I have always been a huge fan of Agatha Christie and always wondered about her famous disappearance that has never been fully explained or resolved to this day. Lindsay Jayne Ashford has taken on this question in a fictionalized account that is both interesting and entertaining.Agatha ...

  • June
    Mar 25, 2017


    I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion. This was a cover and title pick. And it's about Agatha Christie as the MC. I was a little skeptical at first but it worked out. There are two secondary characters Nancy and Katherine who meet whilst on The Orient Express...

  • Eric
    Mar 7, 2017


    The Woman on the Orient Express is a good solid drama. A steady and interesting read that has a few surprises. The main character is Agatha Christie and many of the people in the book actually lived. The story starts out with a visit from a young acquaintance coming to visit an aged Ag...

  • Gazala
    Feb 26, 2017


    This is a thriller based on partially true instances. Protagonist of the book- the Legendary Agatha Christie . She has just broken away from her husband and decided to embark on a journey to Baghdad . On the train she meets the very attractive and mysterious Katherine and the dainty Na...

  • Shalini
    Feb 25, 2017


    I came upon this book while surfing GoodReads on a lazy day.The fact that it features Agatha Christie (though in a hugely fictional role) attracted me, and I started asap.Three strong ladies -Agatha Christie, who is travelling by the Orient Express to escape the sordid details of her d...