Scrappy Little Nobody
A collection of humorous autobiographical essays by the Academy Award-nominated actress and star of Up in the Air and Pitch Perfect.

“I’m excited to publish my first book, and because I get uncomfortable when people have high expectations, I'd like to use this opportunity to showcase my ineptitude, pettiness, and the frequency with which I embarrass myself. And while many of my female inspirations who have become authors are incredibly well-educated and accomplished comedy writers, I'm very, very funny on Twitter, according to Buzzfeed and my mom, so I feel like this is a great idea. Quick question: are run-on sentences still frowned upon? Wait, is ending a sentence with a preposition still frowned upon? I mean, upon frowned? Dammit!” —Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick’s autobiographical collection of essays amusingly recounts memorable moments throughout her life, from her middle class upbringing in New England to the blockbuster movies that have made her one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses today. Expanding upon the witty and ironic dispatches for which she is known, Anna Kendrick’s essays offer her one-of-a-kind commentary on the absurdities she’s experienced on her way to and from the heart of pop culture.

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Scrappy Little Nobody Reviews

  • Gabby
    Oct 2, 2016


    I got this book as an Advanced Reader Copy from work. Now I have to say that I have a soft spot for autobiographies in general. I have listened to Felicia Day's several times on Audible because it is amazing. I loved that one and I love this one just as much. Now, I have to say that Ke...

  • Book Seller GV
    Sep 15, 2016

    Book Seller GV

    I have been a fan of Anna Kendrick's since the indie film CAMP (her performance of The Ladies Who Lunch captured my heart; if you haven't seen it, look it up!!!) and have loved seeing her climb through the movies to her much-deserved recognition.I enjoyed the memoir a great deal, laug...

  • Matthew Clements
    Sep 12, 2016

    Matthew Clements

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of this book. Anna Kendricks personality stays true to her Twitter and interview sarcasm and self awareness. This book had me cracking up constantly and really humanized a celebrity I already loved. Highly recommended and definitely worth th...

  • Kelly
    Sep 8, 2016


    What, Anna Kendrick is writing a book? I need this like whoa. ...

  • Heather H.
    Sep 7, 2016

    Heather H.

    Admittedly, Anna Kendrick is my unabashed girl crush. Just when I thought I couldn't adore her more, however, a copy of Scrappy Little Nobody came into my hands. I absolutely devoured it. It's not always easy to translate humor into writing, but Kendrick absolutely nails it when it com...

  • Lindsey
    Sep 3, 2016


    Really enjoyed this book. Funny, intelligent, and entertaining. I also can't help feeling that Anna Kendrick belongs to the Bloggess Tribe, whether she has read Jenny Lawson's books or not. :) ...

  • Bowen Tibbetts
    Sep 1, 2016

    Bowen Tibbetts

    Another solid celebrity essay collection. AK47 is in no way a trained writer so the literary aspects may fall when compared to Tina Fey or Mindy Kaling's memoirs but I found the breezy stream of conscious style rather refreshing. It's a little unpolished around the edges, which is one ...

  • Christopher
    Sep 1, 2016


    More or less one long humble brag with some good dating insights and a handful of genuinely funny anecdotes. Not my usual read, but quick enough and conversational enough to pass the time pleasantly. ...

  • Trin
    Aug 31, 2016


    Anna Kendrick says she has a hard time making friends. I'll be your friend, Anna! Call me!I already suspected as much, but this book makes it totally clear: she would be absolutely awesome to have a beer with. This is one of the best "here are some stories and other random thoughts" me...

  • Sarah
    Aug 24, 2016


    not on overdrive ...