History of Wolves
Linda has an idiosyncratic home life: her parents live in abandoned commune cabins in northern Minnesota and are hanging on to the last vestiges of a faded counter-culture world. The kids at school call her 'Freak', or 'Commie'. She is an outsider in all things. Her understanding of the world comes from her observations at school, where her teacher is accused of possessing child pornography, and from watching the seemingly ordinary life of a family she babysits for. Yet while the accusation against the teacher is perhaps more innocent than it seemed at first, the ordinary family turns out to be more complicated. As Linda insinuates her way into the family's orbit, she realises they are hiding something. If she tells the truth, she will lose the normal family life she is beginning to enjoy with them; but if she doesn't, their son may die.
Superbly-paced and beautifully written, HISTORY OF WOLVES is an extraordinary debut novel about guilt, innocence, negligence, well-meaning belief and the death of a child.

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History of Wolves Reviews

  • Dorine
    Jan 29, 2017


    HISTORY OF WOLVES by Emily Fridlund is a coming-of-age story about a young girl who struggles to live within poverty with ex-hippies as parents in northern Minnesota. When she begins babysitting for the neighbors across the lake, she starts to feel a part of something bigger than herse...

  • Jaclyn Crupi
    Jan 29, 2017

    Jaclyn Crupi

    2.5 With all the hype I was expecting a lot more from this. It never pulled me in, it never won me over, it never felt compelling. It took a long time for much of anything to happen. I felt the book should only have included one of the two crimes it explores as they were diluted by the...

  • Stephanie (That's What She Read)
    Jan 29, 2017

    Stephanie (That's What She Read)

    Pop Sugar Challenge: read a book that takes place in the wilderness (I'm counting it)I loved the beautiful writing and the sense of dread that I felt when the narrator babysat for the family, but overall didn't leave a huge impression ...

  • Susan
    Jan 29, 2017


    Wow, I can't believe this is the author's first book! What excellent writing depicting the everyday. I could see the kids in their puffy coats walking through slush, I could feel the paddle on the lake's water. She really evoked a particular time and place. I just visited Duluth for th...

  • Andrew Barnes
    Jan 29, 2017

    Andrew Barnes

    A relentlessly peculiar, obtuse, and ultimately entirely moving coming of age tale, History of Wolves is a painfully impressive debut from Emily Fridlund. 14 year old oddball Linda (well, mostly 14 the novel slips and slides through time effortlessly and without warning) spends most of...

  • Cheri
    Jan 28, 2017


    !! NOW AVAILABLE !!“Winter collapsed on us that year. It knelt down, exhausted, and stayed. In the middle of December so much snow fell that the gym roof buckled, and school was cancelled for a week.”Emily Fridlund’s debut novel is a moving story of a young girl who liv...

  • Jenna
    Jan 28, 2017


    The moment I finished this book, I rushed back to the library to return it so that another of my fellow Denizens of the Eternal Waitlist could have a chance to read it ASAP. Northern Virginia Readers: You’re Welcome.As many others have described, this is not a perfect book; it amb...

  • Figgy
    Jan 28, 2017


    The reader knows, right from the first page, that Paul dies. We haven’t yet met him of course, not properly, but we will spend the rest of the book getting to know this cute, imaginative, loving but picky and temperamental four-year-old in between glimpses of the court case follow...

  • Michelle
    Jan 28, 2017


    History of Wolves is not an easy novel. It runs the gamut from covering an old commune to pedophilia to a family tragedy. Told through the eyes of a young woman who must reconcile her emotions with the facts, she reveals the secrets in small pieces. It is by turns frustrating and hypno...

  • Stephanie
    Jan 27, 2017


    I wish I liked literary books. I don't know why I wouldn't: I really like beautiful turn of words and contemplative atmospheres and developing characterizations and drama. Okay. I started off this review with a lie - I'm not done with literary books yet. So far I've read one (The Snow ...