Hallelujah Anyway
From the bestselling author of Help, Thanks, Wow and Stitches comes a powerful exploration of mercy, its limitless (if sometimes hidden) presence, why we ignore it, and how we can embrace it

Mercy is radical kindness, Anne Lamott writes in her enthralling and heartening book, Hallelujah Anyway. It's the permission you give others--and yourself--to forgive a debt, to absolve the unabsolvable, to let go of the judgment and pain that make life so difficult.

In Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy Lamott ventures to explore where to find meaning in life. We should begin, she suggests, by -facing a great big mess, especially the great big mess of ourselves.- It's up to each of us to recognize the presence and importance of mercy everywhere-within us and outside us, all around us-and to use it to forge a deeper understanding of ourselves and more honest connections with each other. While that can be difficult to do, Lamott argues that it's crucial, as kindness towards others, beginning with myself, buys us a shot at a warm and generous heart, the greatest prize of all.

Full of Lamott's trademark honesty, humor and forthrightness, Hallelujah Anyway is profound and caring, funny and wise--a hopeful book of hands-on spirituality.

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Hallelujah Anyway Reviews

  • Michelle
    Apr 14, 2017


    Anne Lamott is funny and I appreciate the perspective from the Christian left, because the Christian right can be downright embarrassing. Needed this read since I think a lot of people are asshats. Will try to remember to think about radical kindness. ...

  • Diane Barnes
    Apr 13, 2017

    Diane Barnes

    Just okay. Maybe me, maybe her, but nothing special about this one. ...

  • Amanda
    Apr 13, 2017


    Excellent read, as all of hers are. This one was extra special, because I got it as part of my admission to hear her speak in Atlanta. It is signed and has a good message. ...

  • Tena Edlin
    Apr 13, 2017

    Tena Edlin

    Even though this isn't my favorite of her books, I'd read anything written by Anne Lamott. Her books always make me think, give me permission to be myself, and challenge me to do more and to do better. ...

  • Liz
    Apr 11, 2017


    This book came at the perfect time in my life. This has been my new motto for about nine months- despite the fact that deployments keep happening and family members keep dying. Hallelujah Anyway. Lamott doesn't reinvent her message from book to book. She gently and with much honesty an...

  • Christina
    Apr 11, 2017


    Loved this... Anne referenced many passages in the bible that currently are on my list of verses that speak to mercy grace. ...

  • Diane S ☔
    Apr 9, 2017

    Diane S ☔

    I generally read anything this author writes but even if I didn't the title in this one made it a must read. This world needs more mercy and compassion, it is I feel sorely lacking. Although I found this offering more scattered, less concentrated than her usual works, some of what she ...

  • Bronwyn
    Apr 8, 2017


    I gave Anne Lamott a five-star rating mainly because she makes me laugh out loud. And many times. I lover her writing style. I love her personality. I'm not what you might call a progressive Christian. I don't use swear words, a decision I made some time ago because I want my speech to...

  • Kate Johnson
    Apr 8, 2017

    Kate Johnson

    I woke up early today, Saturday, and knew exactly what I wanted to do. My husband and 2 dogs were still sleeping. I brewed a pot of coffee and began reading this wonderful book which arrived yesterday. Actually, I ordered 3 because they were so inexpensive on Amazon and thought it only...

  • Kris Marley Patrick
    Apr 7, 2017

    Kris Marley Patrick

    Good for a day when you're not feeling very good about yourself. Like today, for me. ...