Last Man Standing (Southern Scrimmage, #5)
There’s no dating in football.

After living his entire football career in Levi Brody’s shadow, Damien Sullivan is set to take the NFL by storm. Angry at the world he lands in New Orleans with a chip on his shoulder and a need for some action. He wants nothing more than to experience life to the hilt, but a controlling parent and a set of rigid fraternization rules work seek to slow his roll. A chance hook-up before camp leads to a showdown with the very young, very attractive starting quarterback.

Starting quarterback for the disgraced New Orleans team, Raphael Acosta has his work cut out for him. His team doesn’t respect him, his coaches barely know his name and now there’s this hot-shot kid lauded as the second coming of the great Levi Brody. The last thing Raf needs is an insufferable rival for his position. The problem is he can’t seem to keep his hands off the man in private.

When new rules and old prejudices converge, only one could be the Last Man Standing.

58,000 words

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Book TitleLast Man Standing (Southern Scrimmage, #5)
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Last Man Standing (Southern Scrimmage, #5) Reviews

  • Teetee
    Jul 20, 2017


    Nope, nope, nope! I shouldn't have read this book, I just shouldn't have. I wasn't even interested in it to start with but hoped to get a bit more of the other characters I had grown to love, most especially Will and Jude. Not so. I realized early on that Sully was Levi's son so I was ...

  • Laxmama
    May 24, 2017


    This was the oddball of the series so far & IMO kinda out of place within the series. I would have given this book maybe 1 1/2 stars if it was not for the appearance, connections & a little tying up from old characters within the series. First I HATE insta-love, but that's a pe...

  • Ele
    Apr 17, 2017


    *2.5 stars*I'm sorry, I didn't like this at all. I liked the beginning but the rest was not good. In true Mercy Celeste fashion there is family drama, and fucked up/twisted family relationships that resemble a soap opera, but I knew that going in. This is NOT why I didn't like the book...

  • Brooklyn
    Feb 23, 2017


    Watersports. Enough said. ...

  • Cadiva
    Feb 11, 2017


    Ties up a few loose endsThis one isn't directly connected to either pair of lovers who came before but it does still fill in a few loose ends.Damien is Levi's son, the one he didn't know he had from the time his father sent him to conversion camp. Raf is the quarterback at the New Orle...

  • clear skies
    Feb 5, 2017

    clear skies

    Jesus Christ why did I read this?I mean this is the author the royally fucked over Bo and Dylan and her acknowledgments read like an author who knows she fucked up. She can't now go and re-write the whole damn series so she is trying to "fix" everything. I mean there is nothing she can...

  • Liza
    Jan 12, 2017


    The Saga Continues....This series never fails to rip a tear or two from me, especially when you're talking about Levi Brody and all the drama that surrounds him. This book centered on Raphael Acosta and Damian Sullivan, the dueling QBs, and what happens when Angel and Demon meet. Quest...

  • LWM
    Nov 6, 2016


    I am so hooked on Levi, Jude and this series!Amazing storytelling, Ms. Celeste! You nailed it in your little bio at the end of each book you've written when you call yourself a storyteller. Her gift is one where she brings each character to vivid life with her graphic descriptions and ...

  • Rainbow Gold Reviews
    Oct 9, 2016

    Rainbow Gold Reviews

    Mercy Celeste is an auto buy for me and I had been waiting with baited breath for this one. I bought it as soon as I was able.I don’t even know where to start with this book. Mercy… every single time that I read one of her books I am transported to another world. As a matter ...

  • Emily Seelye
    Oct 4, 2016

    Emily Seelye

    4.5 StarsReally enjoyed this, but I wish there had been less sex, and more relationship building. ...