The Radium Girls
The incredible true story of the young women exposed to the “wonder” substance of radium and their brave struggle for justice...

As World War I raged across the globe, hundreds of young women toiled away at the radium-dial factories, where they painted clock faces with a mysterious new substance called radium. Assured by their bosses that the luminous material was safe, the women themselves shone brightly in the dark, covered from head to toe with the glowing dust. With such a coveted job, these “shining girls” were considered the luckiest alive—until they began to fall mysteriously ill. As the fatal poison of the radium took hold, they found themselves embroiled in one of America’s biggest scandals and a groundbreaking battle for workers’ rights.

A rich, historical narrative written in a sparkling voice, The Radium Girls is the first book that fully explores the strength of extraordinary women in the face of almost impossible circumstances and the astonishing legacy they left behind.

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The Radium Girls Reviews

  • Heather
    Mar 3, 2017


    The harrowing true story of The Radium Girls is a compelling and forthright portrayal of a dark, insidious mystery and the "shining girls" who revealed it. Author Kate Moore takes the reader from Orange, New Jersey to Ottawa, Illinois following several women who work at two different f...

  • Patty
    Mar 2, 2017


    A part of history we should all know…The Radium Girls by Kate Moore was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.  Thank you NetGalley for this opportunity.Kate Moore’s telling of the times and struggles of the young women who meticulously painted dials wit...

  • Louise
    Mar 1, 2017


    The incredible true story of the young women exposed to the “wonder” substance of radium and their brave struggle for justice.This book was really informative but heart wrenching for the women involved what they had to go through, most of them dying in the process, just terri...

  • Vicki
    Feb 26, 2017


    I had never heard of the radium girls I had seen the glowing green dials of clocks when I was a girl. We had a Westclox alarm clock in my room. The glow at night allows us to know when we could sleep longer. I never knew that was radium making it glow. I also had no clue that girls, te...

  • Senator
    Feb 20, 2017


    True rating: 4.5 -- A la Erick Larson, Kate Moore tells the tale of the Radium Girls in such a way that you forget you're reading non-fiction. Gripping, heart wrenching, with touches of sweetness Radium Girls should be your next read. ...

  • Diane Dyke
    Feb 18, 2017

    Diane Dyke

    Goodness me but this brilliantly heart-breaking book is going to stay with me for a long time. The tale of America’s Radium Dial painters is a haunting account of the devastation wrought on their lives and deaths as a result of working with radium laced paint. Originally hailed as...

  • Sudalu
    Feb 17, 2017


    I had the magical experience of dining with Kate Moore at a Book conference in January. She speaks of this book with such passion as do the ladies who represent I cannot even begin to understand the amount of research that went into this book. The little details she offers gives you th...

  • Dorie
    Feb 11, 2017


    Review to follow ...

  • Regina Lindsey
    Feb 5, 2017

    Regina Lindsey

    IF YOU ONLY READ ONE NON-FICTION BOOK THIS YEAR MAKE IT THIS ONE! A couple of years ago I saw a play entitled, Their Shining Lives. It was my introduction to this subject and I was determined to read a book on the subject. But, I couldn’t find one. So, when Netgalley offered an ad...

  • Toni
    Feb 3, 2017


    The incredible story of promise, ignorance, greed, and tragedy that began early in the twentieth century and would continue for decades. Radium was seen as healthy, so much so, people were encouraged to drink it or bathe in it. Its luminous glow was an asset to aircraft dials and other...