The Gender Lie
"I'd want you to help me win a war..."

After discovering the shocking secret buried deep within The Green, Violet has a grave decision to make.
Trust the woman who saved her, or not?

So far, everything about the woman has taken Violet by surprise. Her behavior has been honest and upfront - a refreshing change for Violet. Besides, with one of her loved ones hanging on life support, and the other close to falling completely out of reach, Violet doesn't exactly have a lot of choice.  

Her only way forward is to embark on a dicey excursion. For this, she knows she needs the Liberators' help - and must be prepared to take whatever risks that comes with. 

But what neither she, nor any of her new Liberator comrades can prepare for, is just how deep the lies of their homelands run...

Continue Violet and Viggo's journey in the EXPLOSIVE third book of the bestselling The Gender Game series.

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Book TitleThe Gender Lie
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FormatKindle Edition
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The Gender Lie Reviews

  • Patti
    Jan 28, 2017


    The world is split between male dominance and female dominance and as usual, the innocent children are caught in between and exploited. The tale is filled with so many plot twists, you definitely don't know if or when our beloved main characters are ever going to get a peaceful conclus...

  • lacy
    Jan 27, 2017


    My brain feels like mush. This book has torn me apart and it isn't even sorry about it. I can't even begin to wrap my head around everything that happened in this book. Like...brain so mushy. That isn't even a coherent thought. Boy, am I a wreck. I will try to pull it together to give ...

  • Brittany
    Jan 27, 2017


    This was my least favorite of the three. I found myself doing some skim reading, and even though it was action packed, it wasn't in a way that I found particularly interesting. I also felt like the characters got lost a little. I did like Viggo's recovery because it felt real, but I di...

  • Dee/ bookworm
    Jan 26, 2017

    Dee/ bookworm

    I am a big fan of this new series, The Gender Game. This book is book 3, The Gender Lie by Bella Forrest. This book was a little more slow in reading, it took me a few weeks to get through it instead of a few days because so much happened in this one. I would read, and then take a brak...

  • Fiona Wilson
    Jan 23, 2017

    Fiona Wilson

    I loved the first two books in the series and couldn't wait to get stuck into this one, it didn't disappoint. The only downside to reading this is realising there is a fourth book and, once again, I need to wait not so patiently for the finale.Violet undertakes a dangerous mission in o...

  • Lara Iezzi
    Jan 22, 2017

    Lara Iezzi

    This installment of the Gender Game series is a great read as there are great adventures ahead for Violet and Viggo. Gender Lie is the perfect name for this one, as it turns out a very big lie is revealed in an interesting plot twist you won't want to miss. This is an awesome series, a...

  • Beth Martin
    Jan 22, 2017

    Beth Martin

    I really enjoyed the first two books of the Gender Game series, so I had high expectations for The Gender Lie. I was pretty disappointed even early on in this book.The Gender Lie picks up right where The Gender Secret left off. Viggo is unconscious and needs a magic laser to heal him, ...

  • Jaesi Jones
    Jan 21, 2017

    Jaesi Jones

    This book took me much too long to read. I had a hard time wanting to read it at all. It started out great and ended great but the middle was just boring. We wait for Viggo to recover, we wait for Tim to improve from his years of captivity and we wait for Violet to wise up and realize ...

  • Mprin451
    Jan 18, 2017


    Good storyThe storyline and writing are good. I was disappointed when yet another book ended on a cliff hanger and advertisement for the next book. If you are a fan of serial books, this would be a good one to invest in. I, personally, am over the serial book format and am moving on to...

  • Shay
    Jan 18, 2017


    Worthy of readingSo far I have read all three books in this series back to back. My real life was put on hold till I finished. Now I need to get back to real life and get house cleaned up, laundry done etc. my visit to unreality is over. My advice to you is to book a similar visit. I a...