Wait for It
If anyone ever said being an adult was easy, they hadn't been one long enough.

Diana Casillas can admit it: she doesn't know what the hell she's doing half the time. How she's made it through the last two years of her life without killing anyone is nothing short of a miracle. Being a grown-up wasn’t supposed to be so hard.

With a new house, two little boys she inherited the most painful possible way, a giant dog, a job she usually loves, more than enough family, and friends, she has almost everything she could ever ask for.

Except for a boyfriend.

Or a husband.

But who needs either one of those?

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Book TitleWait for It
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Wait for It Reviews

  • Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog
    Dec 18, 2016

    Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog

    5 stars!Review at Of Pens and Pages You don't know what love was until someone was willing to give up what they loved the most for you." Mariana Zapata does it again! Wait For It felt familiar yet entirely new and refreshing. This book had everything I loved in her books and more. So...

  • TheCrazyWorldOfABookLover
    Dec 18, 2016


    SO. I liked this book. I did. But.. I couldn’t help but compare it to The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. I know that’s a big no-no, but what I was looking and hoping for in this book was the same explosive and palpable chemistry Aiden and Vanessa had. And to feel that instant conne...

  • Aisling Zena
    Dec 18, 2016

    Aisling Zena

    3.5 starsI think we can all agree that Mariana Zapata is a master of the slow-build romance and an excellent author with the ability to make you read about every day mundane occurrences with the same avidness that you would read a nail-biting thriller.If you have not yet read anything ...

  • Mo
    Dec 18, 2016


    3.5 slow stars.While I enjoyed this one, I felt it dragged a little bit. The storyline was very sweet and everything but I found it a little "humdrum" = My own life, at times, is a bit humdrum. Same old ding dong every day. Work, laundry, dinner, exercise, drop son off for soccer, coll...

  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    Dec 17, 2016

    Rachel Reads Ravenously

    Full review now posted 4 stars! “You can’t always wait for someone else to do the right thing when you can do it yourself.” Mariana Zapata is the queen of the slow burn!Wait For It is the story of Diana, a young aunt who is raising her two nephews after the death of...

  • Loz
    Dec 16, 2016


    4.5 stars i loved this. in my perfect little book world i would have a new mariana book every month. wouldn't that be great.. that would be perfection to me. she is absolutely one of my faves. adore her writing and characters. they're always just so incredibly real. you could be bffs w...

  • Mysza
    Dec 15, 2016



  • Lady Heather
    Dec 15, 2016

    Lady Heather

    PUBLICATION DATE: December 7, 2016***IT'S LIVE!!!*** ...

  • Val ⚓️ Shameless & Bitchy Skanky ⚓️ Steamy Reads Mrs. Danvers-Tate-Snow
    Dec 14, 2016

    Val ⚓️ Shameless & Bitchy Skanky ⚓️ Steamy Reads Mrs. Danvers-Tate-Snow

    Low 4 StarsSo. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Shocking, I know. What can I say.***Tangent Alert***At our last house, I had a door mat that said "GO AWAY."But Sir Handyman convinced me to lessen the mean and get one that says the ever cliche "Wipe Your Paws" at our new di...

  • Stacey is Sassy
    Dec 14, 2016

    Stacey is Sassy

    There’s something about Mariana…I’m convinced that Mariana has a magic pen (I’m not going to say fingers because that just sounds crude) for writing such awesome stories. If someone was to ask me if I liked slow burn romance stories I’d probably say no. Mariana...