For We Are Many (Bobiverse, #2)
Bob Johansson didn’t believe in an afterlife, so waking up after being killed in a car accident was a shock. To add to the surprise, he is now a sentient computer and the controlling intelligence for a Von Neumann probe.
Bob and his copies have been spreading out from Earth for forty years now, looking for habitable planets. But that’s the only part of the plan that’s still in one piece. A system-wide war has killed off 99.9% of the human race; nuclear winter is slowly making the Earth uninhabitable; a radical group wants to finish the job on the remnants of humanity; the Brazilian space probes are still out there, still trying to blow up the competition; And the Bobs have discovered a spacefaring species that considers all other life as food.
Bob left Earth anticipating a life of exploration and blissful solitude. Instead he’s a sky god to a primitive native species, the only hope for getting humanity to a new home, and possibly the only thing that can prevent every species in the local sphere ending up as dinner.

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Book TitleFor We Are Many (Bobiverse, #2)
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For We Are Many (Bobiverse, #2) Reviews

  • Trish
    Apr 27, 2017


    Let me begin by saying that I FINISHED FIRST! Yep, this was a buddy-read with (amongst others) Brad and I FINISHED FIRST.Ironically, this goofy reaction is exactly something one of the Bobs would have done too (so yes, it fits the theme).This is the second book in the Bobiverse series ...

  • Veronique
    Apr 27, 2017


    4.5Having loved We Are Legion (We Are Bob), I couldn't wait to start this sequel. The combination of Taylor's words and wit with Ray Porter's perfect rendition, and you have a winner :O)Confession: I like all the Bobs. I mean, I get their humour, their pop culture references, their sen...

  • Brad
    Apr 27, 2017


    I love reading great SF, but sometimes we just stumble across a novel or two that just make us beam with wonder and shared nerdiness and delight... and that basically describes these two Bob novels.The scale is particularly delightful. You've gotta love a snarky nerd engineer-turned-AI...

  • Brian Mccue
    Apr 27, 2017

    Brian Mccue

    I loved this novel so much that I gobbled it up in two days and realized that the series is unfinished. Apparently, this novel just came out about 10 days ago and I just happened to see it on Audible. I already want to know what happens next.This is the second novel of "The Bobiverse" ...

  • Bill Mathews
    Apr 26, 2017

    Bill Mathews

    Loved it just like the first one. Really looking forward to book three. Hurry up! ...

  • BridgetT
    Apr 25, 2017


    ALL HAIL THE BOB!SO, SO GOOD!THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!Ray Porter is SO, SO GOOD (I'm happy to repeat myself) narrating this. He was born to be The Bob!EVERY time I heard the Deltans call him The Bob (they had trouble pronouncing it) I just cracked.5 stars are not enough.I WILL FOLLOW BOB ...

  • Sinisa Mikasinovic
    Apr 24, 2017

    Sinisa Mikasinovic

    Dennis, I hate you!To put my emotional outburst into perspective, please, allow me to tell you a story....This is a story of a small boy. A very happy, cheerful, boy.Boy likes ice cream.Boy likes ice cream so much, when mom told him they're going out to have one later, he couldn't cont...

  • Bram
    Apr 24, 2017


    I absolutely adored this. I laughed, I cried, it warmed my heart and broke it in places. My only grievance is that it's too damn short for my liking. I could have read twice this and not have gotten bored.Despite they're being over 40 Bobs by the last page, at no time did I feel lost. ...

  • Rob Crockett
    Apr 23, 2017

    Rob Crockett

    Maybe the most fun I've ever had reading a book. I was counting down the days until this was released. It's like Taylor has captured all of the most wild fantasies one can imagine while daydreaming about interstellar travel and exploration (and self replicating probes!). Yet, the chara...

  • Mark
    Apr 22, 2017


    Mr. Taylor really knows how to write fun and interesting stories. Humorous and heart wrenching as well. The Bob's have continued to make progress on getting people off of earth and solve some problems happening there. They have also continued contact with one intelligent species and fo...