Taken by the Viking
A Viking raid They claimed they came in peace, but soon Lindisfarne was aflame. Annis of Birdoswald fled in fear, but she could not escape the Norse warriors. An honorable captor One man protected her-Haakon Haroldson. The dark, arrogant Viking swept Annis back to his homeland, taking her away from all she held dear. A new life-as his mistress! Now Annis must choose between the lowly work that befits a captive, or a life of sinful pleasure in the Viking's arms!

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Taken by the Viking Reviews

  • Corrine
    Dec 31, 1969


    3 1/2 starsThis is a tough one to review. I liked the basic storyline, and I liked Styles' writing. I just wish she had had a larger word count to expand upon the relationship between Annis and Haakon. Annis is a Northumbrian widow whose stepfather is pressing her into another unwanted...

  • Noelle
    Dec 31, 1969


    This one started out strong but lost it's steam quickly after that. Once Annis is taken back to Haakon's land everything just gets boring.Annis (h) is a widow who is about to be married off by her stepfather to his son. While she wants no part of this, she's staying with her uncle and ...

  • Wendy,  Lady Evelyn Quince
    Dec 31, 1969

    Wendy, Lady Evelyn Quince

    MINI-REVIEW:Action packed viking romance which (yet again!!)is similar to Johanna Lindsey's "Fires of Winter" but without the bodice ripper charm.Solid kidnapping plot, but the heroine went from being wishy-washy to kickass and back again too many times. And as for the Viking, yes he t...

  • Kitty Felone
    Dec 31, 1969

    Kitty Felone

    haaah... after four months and a reread of A Darker Dream by Amanda Ashley, the whole Harry Potter series, and more research books, I finally finished this measly 250ish page book. How sad...Clearly, it wasn't that great. ...

  • Drunkenness Books
    Dec 31, 1969

    Drunkenness Books

    Pas de panique ! Non, vous êtes toujours bien sur Drunkenness Books et oui, il y a bien la chronique d’une romance historique « harlequin » juste sous vos yeux. Et en plus, chronique faite par Marie. Je sais, je vous ai habitué à de tout autres types de lecture mais...

  • Holjo
    Dec 31, 1969


    Summary: Lindisfarne is a holy island off the Northeast coast of England. Annis of Birdoswald was visiting her Uncle on the Island in 793 when several Viking ships came ashore. The leader of the Viking trading ships was Jarl Haakon Haroldson, and his only purpose in visiting the island...

  • LWB Marissa
    Dec 31, 1969

    LWB Marissa

    This story takes you back to a time that Vikings ruled the seas, traded their goods or simply raided the lands of others. A time where people were in fear for their lives by the mere thought of a Viking ship. You get to meet Haakon Haroldson, a dark, arrogant, Viking warrior, who trade...

  • Barbara ★
    Dec 31, 1969

    Barbara ★

    Before Annis was abducted the the Vikings, she seemed to be a strong, go-getter, who knew what she wanted and went after it. Once she was taken, she became a mouse. She was a prized captive and relatively well-treated but she just wilted. I found Haakon to be wishy-washy and definitely...

  • ❤️☘♡Dee Kay♡☘❤️
    Dec 31, 1969

    ❤️☘♡Dee Kay♡☘❤️

    More like 3 and 1/2 stars..A sweet viking romance that I think could have done better... had a LOT of potential to a 5-star, but something held it back and I'm really not sure what it was.. I mean, loved how the general story line went. At certain parts I thought to myself that it coul...

  • Heathy
    Dec 31, 1969


    This book had potential, but soon fell flat. What initially perturbed me is the fact that it was a love-at-first-sight story, which I don't necessarily have a problem with. However, the circumstances were outrageous & highly unlikely. What girl is going to fall in love 10 MINUTES a...