The Twilight Companion
Everyone's in love with vampires, and if his name happens to be Edward Cullen, then readers of the wildly popular Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer can't help but be crazy about him. For all those who adore Bella Swan, Edward, and the rest of the Cullen family and can't get enough, this companion guide is a must-read and a terrific gift.  The series follows an unlikely couple: Bella, a teenager, and her boyfriend Edward, a vampire that has sworn off human blood. But their love is ill-fated--being a vampire, Edward must keep his passion in check, lest he is driven to suck Bella's blood.

With legends, lore, and myths about everything from vampires to werewolves to immortality, a bio of the author, and a ton of insight into the four-book series, this companion guide will give millions of readers the information that they've been waiting for since book one.

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The Twilight Companion Reviews

  • Brisbride13
    Feb 28, 2017


    Utter garbage! I am 51, but I can still relate very much to my preteen-teen years. I am so glad I didnt pick this book up as a guide to one of my favorite movies because I didnt have much money for books and this would have been an even bigger disappointment than I found it to be today...

  • Maryam_m_140a513
    Oct 31, 2013


    I disliked this book for two main reasons: 1- It was awfully boring! I had to force myself to finish it (only because I hate starting a book and not finishing it)2- The author made a number of mistakes in her twilight facts.It was a disappointment especially since I was excited to read...

  • Erin O'Riordan
    Jun 9, 2013

    Erin O'Riordan

    I'm the kind of reader who likes to read about reading, so when I love a series, I like to read a little more about it. This is the second book I've read by Lois H. Gresh, after The Truth Behind a Series of Unfortunate Events: Eyeballs, Leeches, Hypnotism, and Orphans---Exploring Lemon...

  • Robin
    Apr 19, 2013


    I have a confession – I've not read any of the Twilight books, although I did buy the books as they came out for my daughter, who loved them. My sister is also a huge Twihard, and so is my mother. And many of my friends and colleagues. I do have the first two books in my own enorm...

  • Vampire Lady
    Oct 10, 2012

    Vampire Lady

    This is not a guide, it's a young teenage girls "how to" fantasy book on Edward Cullen. The facts for not only the Twilight Saga but also almost every other book and movie mentioned is wrong. I didn't think the book could piss me off any more than it had by the last chapter until she a...

  • Michelle Shipe
    Aug 11, 2012

    Michelle Shipe

    Ending paragraph of this book.... And, in the end, as I closed Breaking Dawn, the "final" book in the sage, I though: It's not over yet. If anything, the story of Bella and Edward has just begun. This was probably the most interesting paragraph in the book! Only because I have thought...

  • Sofia Lazaridou
    Mar 15, 2012

    Sofia Lazaridou

    If I could I would rate the book with a -100.000.000 stars.The book was awful.I think i wasted my money on it.Also I don't think Lois H. Gresh has actually read the saga.She was talking about the Cullens like the have the same habits as the other vampires.The Cullens don't have black s...

  • Emma
    Nov 15, 2011


    I got this book as a Christmas present when I was still in my Twilight phase. There was very little in the book that had to do with the Twilight series and some of information about the books was inaccurate. Most of the "guide" was filled with fluff like Are You Worthy of Edward? quizz...

  • Sarah
    Jul 30, 2011


    What a pathetic attempt to cash in on the Twilight phenomenon! Why this book was ever published, I'll never know. The writing is bad, the author has no idea what she is talking about and it has very little to do with the Twilight series - I'm not sure Gresh has even read the books! A c...

  • Vonze (Yvonne)
    Jun 4, 2011

    Vonze (Yvonne)

    This book is mistitled, it shouldn't be called a Twilight Guide, it should be called "How To Date Edward Cullen". I was looking for a book that would cover some of the themes in Twilight, what I got was a book that gushed about how romantic Edward is. This book doesn't cover facts abou...