Brave New World
Far in the future, the World Controllers have created the ideal society. Through clever use of genetic engineering, brainwashing and recreational sex and drugs, all its members are happy consumers. Bernard Marx seems alone harbouring an ill-defined longing to break free. A visit to one of the few remaining Savage Reservations, where the old, imperfect life still continues, may be the cure for his distress...

Huxley's ingenious fantasy of the future sheds a blazing light on the present and is considered to be his most enduring masterpiece.

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Brave New World Reviews

  • Νόρα
    Sep 10, 2016


    Μου αρέσουν πολύ τα δυστοπικά μυθιστορήματα. Το 1984 είναι ένα βιβλίο που με συγκλόνι...

  • Ahmad  Ebaid
    Jul 14, 2016

    Ahmad Ebaid

    "أنا أطالب بحقي في أن أكون غير سعيد, هذا فضلا عن الحق في أن أغدو عجوزا قبيحا, وضعيفا, ال...

  • Annie
    May 28, 2016


    Some of the best ideas of the world that started out with the very best of intentions have turned out to be the opposite of they had intended to be. Like communism for instance. All the promise of utopia but in the existing sphere of human constructs, it was but bound to fail. Ardent s...

  • Huda Yahya
    May 4, 2016

    Huda Yahya

    I am I, and I wish I weren't. إن كان راي برادبوري في روايته الأشهرقد اخترع عالما تُحرق فيه الكتبفهسكلي ...

  • Fernando
    Apr 29, 2016


    “Un mundo feliz” es una de las tres distopías más conocidas que uno pueda leer junto con 1984 y Fahrenheit 451, y para mí, más allá del mundo futurista que Aldous Huxley creó, y anticipó en ¡1931!, es de todas la que menos me atrajo.Tal vez será por...

  • Lyn
    Apr 11, 2016


    One of my all time favorites, this set the stage about what a dystopian story should be or not be. “But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”First published in 1932, this is timeless and is as releva...

  • Jadranka
    Mar 27, 2016


    "Ali, ja želim neprijatne posledice.""Mi ne", reče Upravljač. "Mi više volimo udobnost.""Ali, ja ne volim. Ja hoću boga, hoću poeziju, hoću pravu opasnost, hoću slobodu, hoću dobrotu. Hoću greh.""Vi u stvari tražite pravo", reče Mustafa Mond, "da bud...

  • Andrei Tamaş
    Mar 15, 2016

    Andrei Tamaş

    În comparaţie cu "O mie nouă sute optzeci şi patru", îmi permit să numesc "Minunata lume nouă" O DISTOPIE ROZ.GENIALĂ PRIN CARACTERUL EI TRAGIC! Sigur, e mult mai cunoscut romanul "O mie nouă sute optzeci şi patru", scris în 1949 de George Orwell, dar "...

  • Kemper
    Feb 17, 2016


    Warning! The following review contains humor. If you read it and actually think that I'm being critical of Huxley, try reading it again. (Here's a hint. Look for the irony of the italicized parts when compared to the previous statements.) If you post a comment that asserts that I'm wro...

  • Markus
    Feb 3, 2016


    Sometimes a book just isn’t what you want it to be.There is little doubt that Brave New World is a genre classic, heavily contributing to defining the dystopian genre. There is just as little doubt that Aldous Huxley was an important influence on some of the writers I respect the ...