Vanessa and Virginia
"You see, even after all these years, I wonder if you really loved me."

Vanessa and Virginia are sisters, best friends, bitter rivals, and artistic collaborators. As children, they fight for attention from their overextended mother, their brilliant but difficult father, and their adored brother, Thoby. As young women, they support each other through a series of devastating deaths, then emerge in bohemian Bloomsbury, bent on creating new lives and groundbreaking works of art.  Through everything—marriage, lovers, loss, madness, children, success and failure—the sisters remain the closest of co-conspirators. But they also betray each other.

In this lyrical, impressionistic account, written as a love letter and elegy from Vanessa to Virginia, Sellers imagines her way into the heart of the lifelong relationship between writer Virginia Woolf and painter Vanessa Bell. With sensitivity, imagination, and fidelity to what is known of both lives, Sellers has created a powerful portrait of sibling rivalry.

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Vanessa and Virginia Reviews

  • Jessica Darling
    Jun 14, 2017

    Jessica Darling

    Never knew this existed. Had to just purchase a copy immediately, obvs. I think I'll end up reading it as soon as it arrives! ...

  • Kathy
    May 25, 2017


    So much has been written about Virginia Wolff and her sister, Vanessa Bell; this is a fictional account, in Vanessa's words, about how their relationship has affected her since childhood. Feeling rejected by their elegant mother, and always inferior to her sister, Vanessa finds herself...

  • Bek
    Mar 5, 2017


    Very emotional, lyrical writing. Beautiful imagery. Best read with some previous knowledge of Virginia Woolf's history. ...

  • Mayra Nakamura
    Feb 6, 2017

    Mayra Nakamura

    If you are interested in the Bloomsbury group, then you may find Susan Sellers novel manages to evoke what growing up as Virginia Woolf's sister might have been like and the craziness that surrounded the brilliant minds that frequented the Stephen household. Sellers shows her devotion ...

  • Salvatore Falzone
    Jan 4, 2017

    Salvatore Falzone

    Beautiful writing and amazing story, delicate and cruel at the same time. ...

  • Emmett
    Feb 21, 2016


    Glimmering and impressionistic, every bit the descendent of the light but feeling touch of sisters Woolf and Bell. Like the sisters, Sellers shows that lightness too has its own weight, tugging the heart chords from start to finish. ...

  • Marita
    Nov 10, 2015


    3.5 stars“Written as a love letter and an elegy from Vanessa Bell to her sister, Virginia Woolf, Vanessa and Virginia is a stunning portrait of sibling rivalry and an imaginative triumph.” - according to the blurb on the back cover.This novel is written by someone who knows t...

  • Elif
    Jul 21, 2015


    This was a nice read. ...

  • Nancy
    Oct 10, 2014


    Before reading Priya Parmar's book Vanessa and Her Sister I knew very little about the Stephen family and the Bloomsbury Group. I had read many books by Virginia Woolf and E. M. Forster. I recognized the names of Roger Fry and Vanessa and Clive Bell, and knew that Lytton Stachey wrote ...

  • Laurie Griffiths
    Sep 30, 2013

    Laurie Griffiths

    Vanessa & Virginia tells the strange and moving story of Vanessa Bell, painter and elder sister of Virginia Woolf. Though it's beautifully set against fascinating backdrop of Bloomsbury, it's actually a fictional account, told as a kind of memoir or diary written by Vanessa, explor...