Audrey and the Maverick (Men of Defiance, #2)

In Elaine Levine's stunning novel of the American West, a proud rancher and a determined young woman are drawn together in the lawless town of Defiance.

Virginia financier Julian McCaid has put his troubled past behind him. His plans for the future don't include Audrey Sheridan, the extraordinary frontier woman he met just once. But it's because of her that he's come to the Dakota Territory to investigate problems at his ranch. And it's all the more surprising when he discovers she isn't the innocent he believed. Now nothing but her complete surrender will purge her from his soul.

If it weren't for the children she cares for in her makeshift orphanage, Audrey would have left Defiance long ago. Now the sheriff is blackmailing her to distract the man who might derail his corrupt schemes—a man who can offer Audrey not just protection, but a passion bold enough to make them claim their place in this harsh and beautiful land.

Audrey and the Maverick (Men of Defiance, #2) Details

Book TitleAudrey and the Maverick (Men of Defiance, #2)
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FormatMass Market Paperback
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Audrey and the Maverick (Men of Defiance, #2) Reviews

  • B.E.L.L.A.Mc
    Apr 26, 2017


    3.5* After reading Rachel and the Hired gun (#1 in series), this was a refreshing change, as I didn't really care for #1. It wasn't as quite as good as Logan or Agnes but still a heap better than 'Rachel'. I enjoyed the two protagonists Julian and Audrey. The story was very interesting...

  • Dawn ♥ romance
    Feb 5, 2017

    Dawn ♥ romance

    This american historical romance had lots of fast paced exciting action set in the old west with fighting and shootouts between the good and bad guys. The orphans were heart tugging but the heroine seemed so naive in her behavior to the blackmail. The corrupt sheriff forces Audrey to r...

  • Zoe
    Oct 15, 2016


    I liked this book alright. It was not hard to like it. Audrey was a dainty slip of a woman with a kind heart. She took in about 8 orphans from the dying town and took care of them as her children. Julian was the protective alpha male. Julian was set on marrying for pedigree, himself be...

  • Cecily
    Sep 18, 2015


    I thought the 'misunderstanding' about the children dragged on a little too long for it to be entirely credible. There is no real reason why an outwardly shrewd and intelligent man take quite that long to understand what is what, unless it is needed as a plot device for the woman to ap...

  • Carol
    Feb 28, 2015


    Loved , loved, loved! ...

  • Karen
    Dec 19, 2014


    Compassionate foster mother, Sherrif corrupting a town & an industrialist dabling in sheep in cattle country all adds up to a volatile situation.Audrey scrapes by & cares for the town's unclaimed children. Forced into crime to protect loved ones, she deceives an innocent man, i...

  • Glenda Bettin
    Jul 21, 2014

    Glenda Bettin

    oh man this series just keeps getting better ...

  • Libby
    May 31, 2014


    Okay read. Heroine, Audrey, has ended up caring for 8 orphans and a younger brother in Defiance, a town that is pretty much going to hell in a hand basket. Julian McCade is a wealthy, powerful man and Civil War compatriot of the other two heroes in this three book series. Julian decide...

  • Marianne
    Sep 22, 2013


    Aggravating that the heroine kept her secret for so long and that it finally came out, everyone, including her, didn't care about it anymore. Also aggravating was her, and the children's, victim status and the necessity of rescue by the hero. I was engaged but also frustrated by what I...

  • Greta Branas
    Aug 25, 2013

    Greta Branas

    This book is awesome I really love this characters and I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this book. I am loving this series! ...