At least one-third of the people we know are introverts. They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking, reading to partying; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over brainstorming in teams. Although they are often labeled "quiet," it is to introverts that we owe many of the great contributions to society--from van Gogh’s sunflowers to the invention of the personal computer.

Passionately argued, impressively researched, and filled with indelible stories of real people, Quiet shows how dramatically we undervalue introverts, and how much we lose in doing so. Taking the reader on a journey from Dale Carnegie’s birthplace to Harvard Business School, from a Tony Robbins seminar to an evangelical megachurch, Susan Cain charts the rise of the Extrovert Ideal in the twentieth century and explores its far-reaching effects. She talks to Asian-American students who feel alienated from the brash, backslapping atmosphere of American schools. She questions the dominant values of American business culture, where forced collaboration can stand in the way of innovation, and where the leadership potential of introverts is often overlooked. And she draws on cutting-edge research in psychology and neuroscience to reveal the surprising differences between extroverts and introverts.

Perhaps most inspiring, she introduces us to successful introverts--from a witty, high-octane public speaker who recharges in solitude after his talks, to a record-breaking salesman who quietly taps into the power of questions. Finally, she offers invaluable advice on everything from how to better negotiate differences in introvert-extrovert relationships to how to empower an introverted child to when it makes sense to be a "pretend extrovert."

This extraordinary book has the power to permanently change how we see introverts and, equally important, how introverts see themselves.

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  • Dan Schwent
    Sep 27, 2016

    Dan Schwent

    Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking is about being an introvert in today's society.Confession time: I'm a tremendous introvert. I know you're all thinking something along the lines of "What? A guy who reads constantly and writes over a hundred book reviews...

  • Heidi Wiechert
    Aug 7, 2016

    Heidi Wiechert

    Quiet entered my life at a particularly low moment. Allow me to set the scene: I had been on vacation for a week and a half. We were in Colorado, visiting my husband's family, some of whom I had met before, others whom I had not. I knew I wasn't going to be entirely comfortable being a...

  • Julie
    Aug 4, 2016


    Once upon a time there was a woman who dreaded the staff meeting roundtable, when each person had to share what was good or bad or on their professional plate that week or in their personal life. All five, nine, fifteen pairs of eyes would be upon her as she forced her voice to carry d...

  • Thomas
    May 19, 2016


    I love reading on Friday nights, writing on Saturday afternoons, and having quiet get-togethers on Sunday. But I also enjoy giving presentations at school, tutoring peers in writing, and interacting with various people online and in real life. I'd describe myself as an introvert (and m...

  • Carmen
    Mar 28, 2016


    I expected to love, love, love this book. After all, psychology is one of my passions. Also, I am always interested in hearing from some group. And this is saying, "We, the introverts, are speaking out."However, the book was neither as powerful nor as interesting as I was hoping....Cai...

  • Matthias
    Mar 19, 2016


    Part I: Prelude to the reviewPart II: The review________________________________Part IPrelude: An introvert walks into a bookstoreI read a review on this book today and decided I had to buy it right away. I consider myself somewhat of an introvert, even though not everyone around me ag...

  • Brad
    Jan 30, 2016


    Most of this, to be honest, is self-explanatory, but the rest is a fairly comprehensive exploration of how extroversion became a public ideal back in the 1920's, replacing the power of character with personality and the social stigma that has ever since been placed upon people who don'...

  • Elyse
    Jan 3, 2016


    Update: Solid 5 stars..( Jan. 3rd 2016)...I had a reason for a 4.9 rating years ago..I still believe what I wrote ... however..this book is a lifetime favorite book!!!I had a conversation about it just yesterday.I can get very charged up about this book.When I've purged giving books aw...

  • Glenn Sumi
    Sep 1, 2015

    Glenn Sumi

    This book spoke directly to my soul, to the core of my being.If you’re on this site and reading this, you probably enjoy time alone to read, think and recharge your batteries. It’s not that you’re anti-social, you just prefer having meaningful conversations with one or t...

  • Iris  Pereyra
    Jun 26, 2015

    Iris Pereyra

    It's perhaps not a surprise that Susan Cain, the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking identifies herself as an introvert. Being quiet, introverted or shy is still seen by many as a problem or handicap to overcome so I can see her motivation for w...