Of Mice and Men
The compelling story of two outsiders striving to find their place in an unforgiving world. Drifters in search of work, George and his simple-minded friend Lennie have nothing in the world except each other and a dream--a dream that one day they will have some land of their own. Eventually they find work on a ranch in California’s Salinas Valley, but their hopes are doomed as Lennie, struggling against extreme cruelty, misunderstanding and feelings of jealousy, becomes a victim of his own strength. Tackling universal themes such as the friendship of a shared vision, and giving voice to America’s lonely and dispossessed, Of Mice and Men has proved one of Steinbeck’s most popular works, achieving success as a novel, a Broadway play and three acclaimed films.

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Of Mice and Men Reviews

  • Nora Barnacle
    Sep 28, 2016

    Nora Barnacle

    Američkoj književnosti, za moj ukus, uvek manjka neki (tajni) sastojak zbog kojeg stičem utisak da se tamo uspehom smatra samo afirmacija u Holivudu. Tako mi i ovo deluje: jednim okom u Nobelov komitet, drugim u bogatog producenta.Najviše mi se svideo naslov.Priča je upe...

  • Stephanie
    Sep 18, 2016


    Of Mice and Men is a great classic novella! John Steinbeck crafted a realistic story focusing on two migrant workers in California during America's Great Depression. The descriptions are vivid and the characters are colorful. As this book is widely known, I am not going to focus on t...

  • Whitney Atkinson
    Sep 5, 2016

    Whitney Atkinson

    I think it's tradition for me to finish a classic and think, "That was good, but I wonder what insights and symbolism I missed out on since I didn't read this for class and have a professor telling me about it." It's also just really hard to review classics in general, because whereas ...

  • Carmo
    Aug 8, 2016


    Ratos e Homens fala-nos direto ao coração; é um hino à amizade, à bondade desinteressada, ao companheirismo. E é um clamor de solidão, uma luta por um lugar no mundo e por uma vida digna. O mau agoiro pressente-se desde a primeira página, a má sorte cola-se ?...

  • Shayantani Das
    May 21, 2016

    Shayantani Das

    “Trouble with mice is you always kill 'em. ” Breathtaking prose, touching characters and a heart breaking ending. Who said only lengthy novel can make an impact? ...

  • Mario
    Apr 29, 2016


    Guy don't need no sense to be a nice fella. Seems to me sometimes it jus' works the other way around. Take a real smart guy and he ain't hardly ever a nice fella.Well, fuck. I never knew a short book could drain me emotionally this much.Of Mice and Men is a book that I think everyone s...

  • Brian Yahn
    Mar 23, 2016

    Brian Yahn

    Of Mice and Men is the story of two men, George and Lennie, working toward their dream--essentially to retire by acquiring a farm of their own. The story brilliantly shows how easy it is to make dreams a reality, how obvious it is to have dreams and chase them.But Steinbeck slowly turn...

  • Joe Valdez
    Feb 4, 2016

    Joe Valdez

    What more can I possibly add to a discussion of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men without drawing a high school English teacher's salary? Considering I'm not drawing bored glances from teenage inmates, I doubt that a check from LAUSD will appear in my mailbox anytime soon. -- Published ...

  • Matthias
    Dec 16, 2015


    I read this book once so far, but I'm planning to read it again. And again. And again. One reason for this, aside from the fact that it's a quick and extremely pleasurable read, is that I don't think I have gotten beyond the point of taking this story at face value. When I see others' ...

  • Jadranka
    Nov 27, 2015


    "O miševima i ljudima“ je moj prvi susret sa Stajnbekom. I evo opet moram sebi da zveknem jedan čitalački šamar što sam toliko čekala. Ovo je jedna dirljiva priča o prijateljstvu izmedju dva muškarca u doba Velike depresije u Americi, tačnije u dolini Sa...