Competence at Work
Provides analysis of 650 jobs, based on 20 years of research using the McClelland/McBer job competence assessment (JCA) methodology. Includes generic job models for entrepreneurs, technical professionals, salespeople, service workers and corporate managers. Defines JCA and describes in detail how to conduct JCA studies. Suggests future directions and uses for competency research.

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  • Iqbal
    Dec 31, 1969


    this is the book that describe that competencies are more valuable than anything..assume this..if you had gp 3.8 but you dont have any competencies for the job..than..useless to work..this book provide anything that leads to superior performance..and how to design your competencies mod...

  • Ikhwan alim
    Dec 31, 1969

    Ikhwan alim

    competence is like an iceberg floating on the sea. 90% about motive and trait. 10% only about skill and knowledge. ...

  • Sitha
    Dec 31, 1969


    If you need a reference to build your competency model, try this book. It is a good one and will help you much. ...

  • Pornpawee Worasatepongsa
    Dec 31, 1969

    Pornpawee Worasatepongsa

    good book but I didn't find in Thailand. ...

  • Bindal
    Dec 31, 1969

    Bindal ...