A Regency Christmas IV
The holiday spirit comes alive in this wondrous new collection of five enchanting Christmas stories, written by some of the most beloved Regency authors. Filled with joyous Yuletide celebrations and heartwarming romance, this evocative, richly drawn treasury is a delight all year round. Includes:

"The Christmas Tart" by Mary Joy Putney
"A Seasonal Stratagem" by Sandra Heath
"The Porcelain Madonna" by Mary Balogh
"Christmas Rose" by Marjorie Farrell
"The Best Gift of All" by Emma Lange

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Book TitleA Regency Christmas IV
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FormatMass Market Paperback
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A Regency Christmas IV Reviews

  • Linda
    Apr 17, 2015


    With the exception of the Balogh story (3*) and maybe Putney's romance (2.5*), I didn't really care for this anthology. All in all, I can't recommend this book. ...

  • Janet
    Oct 19, 2010


    These older Regency Christmas anthologies are fantabulous. I feel so lucky to have collected a fair number of them. ...

  • Ilze
    Jan 31, 2010


    Mary Balogh's and Mary Jo Putney's stories are nice. Emma Lange's is excellent. ...

  • Lynn Calvin
    Jan 8, 2010

    Lynn Calvin

    Romance ...

  • Frances
    Dec 18, 2009


    Why do I read these? The only one that was worth reading was by, uh could it be Mary Balogh? The rest were either boring, stupid, or both. ...

  • Ana T.
    Dec 4, 2007

    Ana T.

    Another Signet Christmas Anthology with some really nice stories.In Mary Jo Putney's THE CHRISTMAS TART a young lady in distress is confused with a woman of ill repute by the friend's of the hero who decide to make her present for him. He realises the truth, decides to help her and soo...